Superb Fantasy Site

I tend not to reveal my fantasy sources :stuck_out_tongue: but for those of you who have been playing for years and those who are newbies, I HIGHLY recommend using:

Fantasy Football Bookmarks

TONS of great info but the best on the site are the links for who to start/bench each week. I’ve been using those links for several years and they’re usually pretty accurated. If you access the link above, just scroll down a hair and over on the right you’ll see a link for [b]“Who To Start?”[b/]. If you click on that link, it will pull up a page that has like 25 additional links. You can play around with each of them and find a handful that you really like. Only a couple are pay-info site and the rest are free. Most are updated Thursday but some are updated on Wednesday. And only the ones at the bottom have popups.

Some of my personal favorites: Sit/Bench

Ask The Commish

Fantasy Football Advisor

There are numerous more but I like these because they’re a little more in-depth than just tossing out names.

simply becuase the draft in the NNFFL over at yahoo has already taken place… and i’m not in any leagues with the rest of you…

Hands down, bar none, the best FFL source on the internet today is Just the forums alone have enough “shark” discussion, combined with their draft tools, I haven’t finished outside of 3rd in any FFL despite the format in over 6 years. From things said on their forums, their pay content is well worth it as well (I don’t, mainly cause I’m not in any $$$ leagues). But the forums get up to the minute almost reports from everywhere, TONS of highly knowledgeable FFLers, advice, theorey, reports, stats, projections, etc. etc. etc. If its about FFL, and you’re interested, its already been discussed there.

There it is. Everything else is like childsplay. Go forth and prosper. :slight_smile:

[i]Originally posted by Anborn[/i]@Sep 17 2004, 03:30 PM [b] (I don't, mainly cause I'm not in any $$$ leagues). [/b]
Sheesh...that's being a hardcore fantasy player. :P Don't get me wrong, I love to play fantasy football but once you get into an entry fee (minimum of $50) league, I couldn't imagine every playing for free again. Seems pointless other than braggin' rights. is a good fantasy site but a bit cumbersome for fantasy rooks and you shouldn’t have to pay for opinions when there are plenty for free. I only listed the ones I did because they’re free and specific to just getting some tips on who to start/sit each week. Always nice to see what the “pros” think but you can’t overthink this stuff too much. Go with your studs and don’t get too caught up in matchups.

I don’t think i’ld ever wager $50 on a FFL. I value my $$$ too much (not to mention being 25 with a mortage doesn’t lend itself for lots of extra cash). Just too much luck involved with injuries that is hard to overcome, despite their rarity, even if I’m more FFL savy than the rest of the people. I’ld plop $10-$15 down though with no hesitancy, and expect to get some return.

I don’t know what all is locked beyond the pay-for-content barrier at FBG… but the info that is there for free, is leagues beyond what I’ve seen available anywhere else. Just my 2 cents.

$50 is a fair price in my opinion. We have a 10 man league with a $50 entry and trades are $5 each, beyond one free trade and any IR moves. We send 6 teams to the playoffs and the Super Bowl runner up gets their money (including trades) back and winner takes all. Last year’s champ won around $700 including the trades. I have no problem wagering $50 with a 1 in 10 chance of winning $700 considering those odds Winner also gets to hold on to our league trophy for a year as well but that’s the only part that’s for braggin’ rights. The rest of the incentive is certainly for the cash and just the fun of competing each week, while talking some smack along the way.

I love to gamble on sports so I’m used to seeing the majority of what little disposable income I have go down the tubes all year long. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yahoo does a matchup index as well.

Weekly Cheatsheet

This is another good site for deciding who to start and sit each week. It averages the weekly rankings for 9 different sites wich is better than just getting one guy’s opinion. The rankings for the different sites are added throughout the week, but it is usually friday before all 9 are there.

How’s everyone doing so far? This is my best year so far (knock on wood). One game lead in my conference right now and feeling good about my team, though the Moss injury hurts me a little this weekend. Thank goodness for Curtis Martin though…has really helped me out with Portis (other than this past weekend) having some lackluster games. Hope this is my year but there’s a guy in the other conference who has the team to beat. Would only have to face him twice though: once next week and then in the Super Bowl should we both get there.

1st in one league, 4th in the other

I’m clearly the team to beat in my 1st league. In the other league, I was lucky enough to grab Droughns, so I like my chances from here on out.

I’m in 4 leagues… 1st, 1st, 3rd (NinerNation league), and 5th. I have Tiki Barber in 3 of those leagues… he has been great so far.

Anborn is powerhouse in the NinerNation league… he is undefeated I believe. I almost had him beat a couple of weeks ago but Ahman “I fumble every third carry” Green screwed me on Monday night.

In the NinerNation Yahoo League I’m 6-0. 10-Team, QB/RB/3WR/1Flex/TE/K/Def standard scoring +1pt/rec…

QB - Brooks, Brady
WR - Moss, Owens, Moulds, C.Johnson, Clayton, Gardner, Lloyd, Burleson
RB - Barber, Martin
TE - Johnson, Graham
K - Vinateri
Def - ATL

In my main league I’m 6-0 (this is the 6th year we’ve played together, 10-Team, QB/RB/WR/TE/3Flex/K/Def standard scoring). Despite having only drafted a single WR in the first 8 rounds, and that WR having been S.Smith. Go figure. If your wondering what my roster looks like there…

QB - Farve, Bulger, Rattay
RB - SA, Martin, Barlow, Emmitt (got in the 15th round)
WR - Mason (traded for for Henry straight up after week 3), Robinson (FA after week 5), Driver, Clayton (FA), Gardner (FA), Boldin
TE - Johnson (FA after week 2), Wiggins (FA last week)
K - Akers (traded for for Vinateri after week 1)
Def - NE

My original draft I showed up 30min late for, and thusly had to settle for my draft sheet designations for the first 5 picks… then my leaguemates picked the 6th/7th for me… personally I think they were trying to doom my team. If I had actually been there I could have gotten Owens in the 3nd round :frowning: Oh well, just another reason to always show up for your draft. Drafting from the #4… SA, Barlow, Henry, Martin, S.Smith, Bulger, NE DEF…

I’m in 4 leagues, I’m 1st, 3rd, T-3rd, and 5th (Niner Nation).

The league I’m winning is a 6 team league where all the teams are stacked, and was autodrafted, yet I have a 2 game lead on the rest of the league. My team in that league is McNabb/McNair, Mason/Walker/Holt, Tomlinson/Barber/Lewis/Dunn, Shockey/E. Johnson, Elam, Pats/Falcons.

Crazy thing about my teams is that I have Elam as my kicker on all 4 teams, and LT is on three of them. I had the 2nd pick in two of the live drafts, and my teams in those 2 leagues are exactly the same, save 2 or 3 guys. I turned picking in the second slot into Tomlinson, Barber, and T. Jones in those 2 leagues.

Self serving bump to keep these links on top.

This will be the first week where I have nothing to sweat other than hoping my guys don’t get hurt. I sewed up the bye last week and the guy I play this last week of our regular season is out of it so I can’t even play spoiler.

Just get to sit back and watch the others battle for the last playoff spot/other bye.

This time last year, my season was over and I was watching everyone else compete for playoffs while I was at the bottom looking up. :frowning: Feels good to be on top this time around.