Suprise Team??

I was watchin the Kentucky-UNCCH game and they showed a list of suprise teams. Of course these teams are your usual “watch out for them come tourney time.” The list consisted of:
Santa Clara

This game is on CBS. This is the same network that had us #19 in their Sportsline Poll!! And now they are putting us in a list with those teams? I’m sorry but those teams are not of the same caliber as we are. Hopefully we will show that when we play SC and Davidson. But I wanna know how are we a SUPRISE team? If anything, we got surpised with Rutgers this year. Unreal… :ticked:

Any publicity is good publicity…especially when they are saying good things about us.

that caught my attention as well. I am thinking we would be an early disapointment so far. Well not after tonight! GO NINERS!