Tailgate moving to outside of stadium

Similar to the opener I am parking the ambulance on the sidewalk at the stadium. This is at the request of Mike Hill and Coach Healey. Anyone is welcome to join and my blue lot folks, I wanted to make sure you knew where I was!


Was a fantastic scene for the opener, ready to get there again! Was my daughters favorite tailgate yet with all the area for the kids to run around.

How does tailgating with you work ? How much do you have to pay?

It really depends on where you want to park, some lots are less than $20 but where the ambulance will be is for donors who donate buckets of money to football

Really you can park in your normal spot, walk up and enjoy with us (I’ll be parking in blue lot and making the trek over with kid and possibly wife).

You can bring your own food and drinks, however there are snacks & shots available, as well as some random beers available in @NinerWupAss’s cooler.

The more we have there the merrier. Rob has created a tremendous atmosphere with the Normbulance. If you’ve never tailgated with the group, you owe it to yourself to do it once. Great crowd.

Also, I try to drop some cash Rob’s way if I munch on their stuff.

I’m bringing Publix fried chicken and grilling some shrimp and corn on the cob. Making Red Lobster cheddar biscuits and a cuke/onion salad. Everyone, please feel free to help yourself!


That’s awesome. You guys wander down to the Mobile Mine Shaft and say hello,


Are you the owner of the MMS ?

Welcome to the neighborhood Rob! Will there be a Jarvis Lang sighting?

I believe that is an “affirmative.”

We have talked about moving up there on a perm basis. Just have to get the rest of the crowd up there too. I have not talked to Jarvis this season so I am not sure - he loved it last year though. I have been trying to get Diego out though.

Now if you are talking Jarvis Lang the shot - well thats likely…

What is awesome is Healey requested us be there. Said the players loved walking by the crowd!

That’s it!!! Strong & Dark & will dunk your a$$.

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No. But I park next to them and tailgate there every game.

Its a good looking van