tailgating for alabama

Tailgating is a tradition most linked to football (which we do not have). However, a couple of my friends have thought about tailgating for the Alabama game being a big game and being a Saturday. I am posting this for two reasons. 1) Where would be the best place we could park, have a grill for hotdogs and such and 2) is there any interest with anyone else? I mean it wouldn’t be a sponsored event, we wont pay for you a free hotdog, or some bojangles but if you wear green we might be able to get you a drink. I would like to see maybe a couple other people there if it sounds like a good idea. if its just us then cool we’ll let you know how it went, and maybe people can join next time.

Not sure if the police would run you off or not but the parking lot at Media Play seems like a good place since it’s no longer in business. You’d have the whole lot to yourselves and would be right across the street from campus. If the police are feeling the holiday spirit, they may let it slide but if there are a bunch of open containers, then I doubt you’ll last too long over there.

I think its a good idea but i am not really sure where you to do it. I would come and bring everyone that I go to the games with so if you find a good place let us know.

Why couldn’t you do it on the front field on campus?

[i]Originally posted by 49erTacia[/i]@Nov 28 2004, 08:27 PM [b]Why couldn't you do it on the front field on campus?[/b]
We aren't on a dry campus, but the rules for drinking on campus are pretty strict. No keg or pony would be allowed at all and the current rules(if enforced) would only allow you to drink in a closed area where there are absolutely no under 21 year olds. Too tough to try to do that in a parking lot or the front field, and no matter how careful you are, the campus police will probably still shut you down.

The Media Play lot does seem like the best place, the only cars in there are the few in the corner that go to Subway. If there is a visible place you could get away with it at, it would have to be Media Play.

Aside from that, would have to say finding a house or at least townhouse near campus someone one this board may live in and take it to the back yard there.

thanks for the help. I would like it to be dry, simply b/c it would be a whole heck of a lot less trouble. i wish it would be something huge though

I don’t know where the best place to have it is, but I am down with having some fun before the game. It would definitely have to be dry…the less trouble the better. I say have a little something on the front field, or wherever the best location would be. keep us posted…

How can you have a true tail-gate party if its dry???

I don’t think I’d be so worried about the rules…I don’t know of any school that has rules saying its ok to tailgate…its one of those things where the cops just look the other way. The biggest things is to be sure not to sell alcohol to anyone…thats the big no no!!! And don’t have any minors around…or at least with beer on their breath. If your are discrete and keep it in a cup i don’t think that they would hastle you too much. If they do then shame on the university for ruining school spirit.

As for location…I wouldn’t suggest in the media play parking lot for two reasons. First, I don’t think that tale-gating off campus is really tailgating…especially if it means your gonna DRIVE to get to the game afterwards. Second, I think that the police would give you a lot harder time over there because its much more open and can be seen by more people
I would suggest one of the parking lots around the SAC…maybe the one by the tennis courts…

I think the more numbers we have the less likely someone will bother us…I would be up for it if we can get a good crowd…

Whats the worse that can happen? What’s the consequences for an open container?