Saturday, January 31, 2009 4:30 PM-7:00 PM
Lot 7, Upper Bay

Event Type: Entertainment/Social Event
This event is sponsored by: Office of Student Activities

Tailgating before Niner Men’s basketball games is now more convenient ---- in Lot 7 Upper Bay, next to Belk Gym. It’s a perfect spot to char some meat and gather with friends. Available 2-1/2 hours before tip-off.

Cost: Free

Contact Information:
Ebony Ramsey

just a reminder

Seems like they would rather have folks attend the women’s game inside at 4:30.

That’s the brilliant planning by the administration (not the AD) as far as tailgating goes… do whatever you can to make it difficult.

[QUOTE=The 49ers Insider;380073]Seems like they would rather have folks attend the women’s game inside at 4:30.[/QUOTE]

Wow thats might be the dumbest thing this school has done in a while, well almost.

Speaking of tailgates, spread the word of the homecoming tailgate to other alums you know that are not on this site.


actually have to give the administration a little bit of credit.

I expected them to schedule the tailgate in the Cone Deck.

“Oh, the Cone Deck is for 49er Club parking?..on gamedays?..we didn’t know that.”

Seems like they would rather have folks attend the women's game inside at 4:30.
I'd rather tailgate.
I'd rather tailgate.
Are your bringing a grill?
I'd rather tailgate.

That’s pretty lame.

to: Ebony Ramsey (emramsey@uncc.edu)

Ms. Ramsey,

As a student of the University of Charlotte, I would to simply ask why the office of student activities would be encouraging people to not attend a women’s basketball game? The Lady Niners are a very excellent team and deserve as much recognition (if not more, considering their success this season) as any other team on campus. It is a complete and total shame that an organization that is supposed to support student life, activities, and athletics would hold an event in conflict with a basketball game.

The Lady Niners have enough trouble pulling support from the student body as is, they do not need organizations of the school pulling even more potential fans away. Especially considering the 31st is a doubleheader and meant to draw a large crowd for BOTH teams. I do love the tailgating and always have fun and try to attend each one.

I am sorry if this e-mail has come across as insulting or angry. However, I hope you understand my concern.

Thank you,

[QUOTE=bball49er;380167]I’d rather tailgate.[/QUOTE]

Id rather go to the Women’s game and come out and tailgate the Men’s game. At least I’ll probably see a win if I go to the Women’s game.