First off, I would like to start this topic by giving major props to TCU. They have a good program they are building down their. In 2 or 3 years I could see them dominating the new CUSA. They have some fantastic guard play.

As for the Niners.

The defense was sloppy, but give TCU credit for hitting some big shots with hands in their face.

I was dissapointed in our backcourt. Brendan had an off night, and Mitch made some careless mistakes late in the game but I will take 8 assists any day of the weak.

I think this is what everyone expected from our frontcourt. EJ Drayton especially 21 points in only 23 minutes. That is insane. When he gets stronger and if he continues to learn to play within the system, the sky is the limit! For those who doubted, this is why he was the #1 JUCO prospect. Eddie Basden again plays Superman for us as he scores, rebounds, defends and does everything. Iti played very well in rather limited minutes. CURT HAD THE HEADBAND!!! He also played a very well game. 16 and 7 despite some foul trouble. What impressed me most was the effeciency of these guys. The frontcourt combined for 75 of our points and did it with only 40 shots. Excellent job by the frontcourt.

I also was extremely pleased with the rotations. I didn’t know Nance was sick, but we got very effective minutes from him. Like how Coach worked the lineup card tonight.

Good game for the Good guys. Could have been better but I am extremely happy with the offensive flow in the past 2 games.