Team #1

Team #1, done via draft. Any thoughts?

Shaun Alexander
Jamal Lewis
Hines Ward
Laveranues Coles
Marc Bulger
Thomas Jones
Reggie Wayne
Julius Jones
Larry Fitzgerald
Eagles D
Onterrio Smith
Joey Harrington
Marcus Robinson
Josh Brown

Your best position has got to be RB. You have 2 studs and some sleepers. Awesome how you got both Alexander and Lewis.

You have two good receivers (who knows how Coles will do in a running offense.) and several teams #2 guys. I like the Fitzgerald pick.

Your QB situation could be scary. Bulger has a great offense and hopefully without the QB controvery he will excel and cut down on the TO’s. I don’t like Harrington at all. He has the pieces around him so hopefully he can have a solid season.

The Eagles D is a good pick up.

Your RB’s will carry you!

I actually like Bulger as my starting quarterback. He was third is passing yards and had 22 touchdowns last season. I am banking on him being a better player in his second full season.

I drafted Harrington based on his potential and the improvement in his receiving core. If he stinks it up, I could always go with a Bledsoe or a Maddux off the waiver wire.

I hope Lewis’s legal troubles get worked out for your sake…Love your RB’s, Like Hines alot at WR, I too am concerned about QB. I like Harrington as a back up, but think Bulger could be in for a long year with a bad offensive line. Rams looked horrible tonite(Though it is just preseason). I think that having Lewis and Alexander will make up for alot though and you have alot of good sleepers that could develope into trade bait.