Team #2

10 team auction league. Similar rules to team one with 1 QB, 3 RBs, 3 WRs, 1 K, and 1 D starting.

QB Brett Farve
QB Marc Bulger
RB Duce McAllister
RB Corey Dillon
RB Kevan Barlow
RB Thomas Jones
RB Lee Suggs
RB Stephen Jackson
WR Laveranues Coles
WR Jerry Porter
WR Reggie Wayne
WR Amani Toomer
WR Isaac Bruce
WR Deion Branch
D New England
D Philadelphia
K Jeff Wilkins
K Ryan Longwell

Spent big money on top tier RBs, but left myself a little weak at receiver and QB. Still gotta believe my three top flight running backs should carry me into the playoffs.

If Ind uses Wayne and he continues to improve, and if you can get some matchups with Toomer/Branch/Porter. RBs are fine (especially if Suggs gets the starting job). You should do pretty well. Hope you got some of those players at good value.

Thats eeriely similar to the draft I did earlier today. 10team, QB/RB/WR/TE/PK/Def with 3 flex (RB/WR/TE). Drafted from #5. Had I been present for the whole thing I probably wouldn’t have picked Bulger or NE, but since I hadn’t setup a card, the group polled each other and came up with those picks. Got some serious value/potential at WR to go with my squadron of solid RBs.

6.06-QB-Bulger (was afk for this pick)





7.05-Def-New England (was afk for this pick as well)

Very similar teams Anborn. Big fan of your starting backs (assuming you play all three). I have Bulger on both of my teams this season, so let’s hope he has a big year.

I always look back on the auction and think about how I could have done it better. Bought all of my receivers at great value; spending no more than $4 on any of them (Coles included). Spent $7 a piece on Farve and Bulger (out of $100). In retrospect, I should have considered using that money towards a stud receiver, or spending more on a top tier QB, and getting my backup for $1. At the time, the Mannings and Culpeppers of the world were going for $25+, so I thought I could do better with two second tier QBs playing matchups. We’ll see.

Wise choice on passing c’pep and manning at the 25+ range… can’t overextend yourself early in an auction. I hope you’re right about bulger. He kinda scares me a bit (or rather the lack of a rams o-line does).

I can actually start 4rb/1wr (alexander/barlow/henry/martin + wr). which is probably what i’ll do unless I can trade some of my depth for a real wr#1 (i’m not sure if smith is quite there).

I agree with Anborn. Don’t sell yourself too short on your WR’s Nova. Granted, you don’t have any of the marquee names (Moss, Harrison, Owens, Holt, etc.), you have some very servicable WR’s, with a couple that could perform very well for you. I think Porter will be rejuvenated a bit now that he’s out of Oakland and when that offense was in sync (and he was healthy), he put up very solid numbers. Wayne is getting more and more looks in that offense and will continue to post solid numbers along side Harrison. Coles and Toomer are both capable of having 100 yard games (probably not very often but the potential is there). Branch has looked very good in preseason and should get a number of chances to help your team out. Bruce is an iffy pick but if that line can protect Bulger, he could find the end zone a few times.

Your RB’s are STRONG, from top to bottom. Jackson is probably the only one not worthy of starting but even he could prove to be invaluable if Faulk goes down with an injury (again). Obviously, I’d start McAllister, Dillon and Barlow every Sunday (barring bye week) and keep an eye on Suggs. Could earn a starting spot on your team unless the overrated and often disppointing William Green gets the nod.

[b]I can actually start 4rb/1wr (alexander/barlow/henry/martin + wr). which is probably what i'll do unless I can trade some of my depth for a real wr#1 (i'm not sure if smith is quite there). [/b]

I’m not a big Curtis Martin fan, but you’re right, he should be started over any of your other receivers. I’d drop Boldin right now, and pick up Marcus Robinson (if available). If not maybe he’s worth hanging onto until he returns.