Tevin Findlay - 2013 PG/SG

A 6’3 PG/SG Canadian from Quality Education Academy in Winston Salem. Will easily be a top 150 player in his class. Has visited a St. John’s game recently and picked up an offer from New Mexico State. Charlotte is also recruiting his teammate, Jordan Robinson (another Canadian), a 6’8, 240lbs freshman.

CIA Bounce TTC 2013 star Tevin Findlay picks up interests from UNC Charlotte and offer from New Mexico State. Tevins the real deal

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Rivals blurb

Also hailing from Canada is the 6-foot-3 Findlay. The sophomore is skinny, but handles pretty well and has excellent size and good quickness for the position. Like any young guy, he can be shaky with pressure, but the potential is there.

“He’s got good size and he can really handle the ball,” Pitts told Rivals.com. “Some people won’t believe it, but he’s a real point guard.”

With our PG problems (we dont have one), I dont know why we aren’t going after the Reggie Arceneaux kid at Olympic. He is a player.

His big disadvantage is he is short. But he is extremely quick and runs the show for Olympic, who is one of the better teams in the state.

I saw them play against Terrance Williams and W Meck last week. I think he scored 26 and got into the lane whenever he wanted to. We need to be recruiting him.

We already have 1 undersized PG. Major wants to play physical defense and it’s hard to do that if your lead guard is consistently undersized.

Seriously doubt size is a Major concern at the PG position. If it was he would have never recruited Tyler Lewis so hard.

Seriously doubt size is a Major concern at the PG position. If it was he would have never recruited Tyler Lewis so hard.[/quote]Some things can make up for size. TL isn’t a scoring PG like Arceneaux, he’s a pure PG with great vision that can score. Not trying to knock Arceneaux by any means, but if you look at a majority of our targets, we are looking for size, athleticism and the ability to defend.

per scout

[font=Arial]Tevin Findlay, SG/PG – An attacking guard, Findlay tried to get to the basket every chance he received on Monday. The 6-foot-3 combo guard finished well around the hoop once he got there too. He must tighten up his handle and continue to improve his jump shot, but he’s a talent that plays aggressive and is always in attack mode.[/font]

Findlay recently visited us, along with teammate Jordan Robinson & Willie Clayton.

Me like.

Canadian Elite Guards 15 year old Tevin Findlay & Tyler Ennis (Team Bounce CIA)

RT @Justinbyerly: Tevin Findlay out of QEA in Winston-Salem (NC) lists UNCC, New Mexico St, Rice and Marshall

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