Texas baseball coach gets DUI

Hope this isn’t the end of the road for Coach Garrido.

He is paid $800,000 yearly after getting a $160,000 raise this year and gets a $50,000 yearly increase during his contract. If released, Garrido receives $300,000 for each season left. He could lose his job for a violation of UT’s “standard of conduct” and get no severance.

And we wonder about coaching salaries!!!

[URL=http://www.statesman.com/blogs/content/shared-gen/blogs/austin/longhorns/entries/2009/01/17/garrido_suspend.html][B][U]Garrido suspended after drunken-driving charge[/U][/B][/URL], Austin Statesman

Definition of an outstanding coaching record: 39 years, 1,629-755-8 (.683), 5 NCAA championships

800 grand a year. and he knows he can lose his job for a dui. and he still doesn’t call a cab? it’s not like he can’t afford one.

we just instituted blood tests for people suspected of DUI here. Be interested to see what his BAC was. I do think that Drunk Driving is bad, but I doubt more than a handful of people on this board have never driven a car at or near the legal limit.

Bad mistake, but I don’t think he should be canned.

Have him pay a hefty fine, do some community service (maybe some PSA’s for the TV there), and tell him if he does it again, it’s sayonara.