Texas freshman withdraws name from NBA draft

Texas freshman withdraws name from NBA draft

This isn’t good for us.

Out of our hands at this point and I’m not going to worry about it anymore. With no decision yet and only a couple days left, I’m pretty much under the assumption that Iti will settle for a paycheck from Europe and become yet another “what could have been” along side many others.

Indeed. There would have been some kind of contact or communication by now. He’s gone. Was he every really here? :huh:

[b]Was he ever really here? [/b]

That REALLY sums it up. I don’t think he was.

The Daily Word from Andy Katz:

"Deadline decisions loom this week

Tuesday, June 15: Mississippi State (Lawrence Roberts), LSU (Brandon Bass), Washington (Nate Robinson) and Saint Joseph’s (Delonte West) will sweat out Thursday’s deadline for underclassmen to withdraw from the NBA draft. West had a tentative workout in San Antonio on Tuesday. Robinson wants to stay in the draft and might pursue a workout in the next day or two. Roberts was trying to organize a workout in Houston. Bass would rather stay in the draft and is looking for a commitment. Meanwhile, Auburn’s Marco Killingsworth did the expected by pulling out of the draft, but then did the bizarre by saying he would transfer. Killingsworth could have a hard time finding a home with only one season of eligibility remaining. Indiana is a possibility considering Mike Davis’ ties to the state of Alabama. Texas signee LaMarcus Aldridge of Seagoville High withdrew from the draft as expected. He had a stress fracture in his back that didn’t heal fast enough for him to workout for teams. Indiana is still waiting to see what signee Robert Rothbart does. Charlotte now believes freshman Martin Iti will stay in the draft."

Link: ESPN.com

You guys are idiots. Why would he come back. He was dominating at the Chicago camp. According to espn he hit an amazing 6 of 24 shots and only averaged one foul for every 4 minutes on the floor. Players that can put up such strong numbers don’t go back to college. He said himself something along the lines of he can play with anybody. He is way too talented to be in college. Shaq better watch out. Granted he did get abuse by a backup center from St. Louis but that guy was a stud. Probably one of the greatest college players ever.

I think Bernie Bickerstaff could’ve come out of the stands and gotten 6 blocks against NC A&T.

Someone better give Iti a healthy supply of sandpaper. He’s gonna have to find a comfortable spot riding the pine somewhere in this great world of ours.

I think an agent clearly misled Iti. If Martin is seeking Benjamins, he may as well go to the Israeli League. Maybe he’ll get the chance to meet Benjamin Netanyahu.

I’ve got too much time on my hands… here’s where Iti can only hope to be one day, the Australian National Basketball League.

Actually, Wade Helliwell has done decently there (like it means something), 11.0 ppg, 6.5 rpg, won the 2002 NBL Most Improved Player award and finished third in the 2001 NBL Rookie of the Year award.