Thank you NinerMac

I know this board is in the process of transitioning over, but I wanted to go ahead and send a huge thank you to Mac. I don’t think there’s a better message board in the NCAA. If you check out what App, ECU, even UNC and NC State, our board kicks their @ss. The new stuff looks great, and is easy to use.

Mac, I know you almost shut this thing down, and I really don’t blame you, but I wanted to send a huge thank you. I can’t imagine the Niners without this community, and that’s thanks to you. The accomplishments have been listed many times over, but without this place, I really believe Niner fans would have lost our collective voice for the foreseeable future. I think we all owe you a beer or 8.


Well said, thanks Ninermac!

I agree. I didn’t post often on the previous site, but it was always nice to have somewhere to vent our frustrations. Let’s hope with new AD and new NNN site, Charlotte 49ers will be coming back stronger than ever!

D.O.B.A. !!!

And yes…this is a complete sentance and 20 characters long

Niner mac I would like to thank you as well.
Something just hit me. Do we need to start a patreon to help defray the cost of running and supporting this site? I have a few podcasts that I donate to on patreon every month. Would certainly do that for nN.N. If you established that I’m sure I’m not the only one that would contribute.

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Thank you Mac! This site is only going to get better and I feel with a new era dawning in Niner Nation it was only fitting that that a new NNN came along for the ride!

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Thanks guys. I’ve been a little sparse around here the past couple days because of work.

I’ve answered a lot of emails though. Thanks to NLP and 2K for watching the old site’s chat for stragglers and helping out to get them over.


Let me also say, if I’ve seemed short towards anyone in email, posts, or private message, I apologize. Nothing was meant by it. Since turning up the site, I’ve answered a lot of emails and messages trying to help people get over. Add that in with the email blocking, attempting to get that resolved, and some long work days… I’ve had little time and was just trying to get to everyone.


@ninermac, I know you’re setting up a Patreon account. Have you considered opening a store on Amazon? I shop on Amazon a lot and currently use another store to send commissions towards that account, but I’d rather send them to a NinerNation store instead.

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