Thank you to our 2015 seniors, Next year's freshmen.

A thank you to our senior class and who’s on deck to move up.

Dozier- DB 6’ 202
Nixon- DB 5’10 102
Holmes- DB 5’9 199
Floyd- LB 6’5 271
Clayton-Molby- LB 6’2 238
Herkley- LB 6’3 228

Buie- RB 5’9 180
Murphy- H 6’3 242
Thomas- OL 6’3 297
Johnson- OL 6’3 307
Book- OL 6’6 290

[size=3]2016 RS/F[/size]
Crawford- DB 5’11 170
McDonald- DB 6’ 190
Lyon- DB 5’10 180
Irvin- LB 6’ 184
Gemmell- LB 6’3 216
Harris- LB 6’3 215
Cunningham- LB 6’1 220
Suydan- DL 6’3 245
Doctor- DL 6’5 248
Holmes- DL 6’4 240
Hardy- DL 6’4 257

Barrow- WR 5’11 170
Mullen- WR 5’9 170
Rose- WR 6’1 160
Jaques- H 6’6 225
Rankin- RB 6’ 210
Drake- OL 6’3 300
Clark -OL 6’5 279
Stacy- OL 6’5 300

Next year we will also have [size=3]35 seniors[/size] that have now experienced one full season of FBS football… Should we recruit some JuCo talent to help replace such a senior filled class? … Lambert’s new recruiting coordinator hire will be extremely important.

HOpe those Freshman DL have been hittin up Cookout.

How many players are we trying to sign this year? I know that we will not be able to sign 35 next year, so I figure we would try to get at least 20-25 this year? We usually lose a few during the offseason for different reasons.

Definitely need to put on some good weight. The best teams are built from the inside out and I hope the recruiting gets better for Olinemen and Dlinemen. Actually I hope recruiting gets better at every position. There could be a major drop off after next year when Larry and the rest leave.

Nixon’s career helping Charlotte 49ers get their program started comes to a close in Saturday’s 2015 finale at Rice

Good thread… Thanks boys! Go out with a W

Nice article about my Gastonia homie. Thanks, Cortezz.

Met a guy while shipping yesterday that had on SCSU football short. I asked if he played and he told me he did, but was transferring to Charlotte next year. He plays NT, but I think he is on the small size. He looked about 6’ and 250/lbs. He played high school at Butler last year.

I expect we’ll get several transfers this year who can sit out a year and be ready when next years senior class departs… can’t wait to see how it unfolds… (plus a few JuCo players that can step in immediately)