Thanks Norman & HP!

I just wasted the best hour of my life looking at all 45 pages of the Gold Duster thread.

Great stuff… :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


:clap: That thread shall never die!!

UCTOM feel free to contribute!

Well, if i would have taken a digital camera to Mardi gras instead of our regular camera, I could’ve brightened your day…

I’ve only played a small part in that thread Tom, it’s Norman’s baby. You’ve got the National Champs, give us some photos.

How was the trip to New Orleans?

HP, Mardi gras was fantastic! I hit the bed around 4:30am friday morning and then got up at 9:00am and started all over again until 6:00 am saturday.

The best part (until the game was over) was watching the UC vs UNCC game at a place called Razoo’s. I was drinking hurricanes, checking out plenty of T&A and gettting jello shots blown down my throat by a 38D CUP.

I highly recommend Mardi gras to everyone!!!