The 90's Music Thread


Past few work days in Shoutbox consisted of a lot of very good but somewhat forgotten 90’s songs. Post all your videos of songs that don’t get regular play these days but you absolutely love. Don’t let the ‘don’t get regular play’ deter you from posting anything 90’s that you want, though.

Ok? Ok!

This is what I’ve listened to so far today.

I’m a big fan of this song by The Nixon’s because of how many different ways it can be played live. The best version IMO was a slower version that I can’t seem to find:

Total one-hit wonder that you were more likely to hear at the Dac than the radio:

Caught these guys opening for Smashing Pumpkins for the Mellon Collie tour well before Stacy’s Mom:

I always thought Spacehog was going to be bigger than they wound up being with how they seemingly fell off the planet after The Chinese Album. In the Meantime from Resident Alien was probably on every mix tape/cd I ever made for road tripping:



Love this thread …

A band that never got its proper credit.

NLP mentioned Spacehog as a band that should have been bigger and went away (totally agree)… I always thought Soul Coughing would be the same… I’m clearly not a good critic

I always dug this song

And if you don’t like this 90’s anthem Stones theft and all, I don’t know what to say.


This is one of my favorite


And from the guys who brought you possum kingdom.

Sound nice, until you realize what they are singing about.


When I think of now-forgotten 90’s alt rock, this is one of the first things I think of.





You can’t leave out RHCP!! Blood Sugar Sex Magik was awesome.


Some 311 on 3-11!



I could have picked one of handful of videos. Loved these guys… (Stephen Perkins is a very underrated drummer)


Vastly underrated band, and local nonetheless.



Jump is awesome.




NA you can troll all you want but there’s no way I’m going to let you:


90’s had that period where some bands had the acoustic lead exclusively… Mumford and Sons before Mumford and Sons


Best video of the decade-

I have no idea why its showing the picture from the Would video…