The 90's Music Thread





Man, Jamiroquai is so underrated in my book. FANTASTICALLY tight band.


The Captain Marvel soundtrack fits this thread so perfectly:


We had different 90s



Always good to see Seven Mary Three (a William & Mary band) on the list. Maybe not as legendary on campus as Skum (check out the rockumentary Skum Rocks for their ridiculousness), but commercially more successful.

Edit to add:!

Skum sabotaged some of their own gigs rather than have their lack of talent exposed. For example, they distributed beer at an early show and then called the police, who broke up the gathering before the conclusion of their first song; later, they quit a battle of the bands due to the venue’s supposedly poor sound quality.







Couldn’t find official video but great song.



Deftones put on really good show. I remember the jeans I wore to a show at the hornets training center were still soaked like 2 days later.


Good call Dave. Great song. Also Perry Ferrell was the architect of Lollapalooza - before it turned into the crapfest it has been in recent years. Possibly the best festival I have ever seen was the 2nd annual show:


Those acts were staying at the University Hilton. My apartment wasn’t ready yet so Ryland Homes put us up at that hotel. We hung out in the lobby and met all these guys except for Ice Cube.


I really wanted to meet Miki Berenyi from Lush. Did you meet her?


Yup - at the time I was still into rap didn’t know who most of them were. Walked up to Pearl Jam and asked Eddie Vedder who they were and walked away unimpressed.

Flea was tweaked outta his mind.