The Catch 22 of Being a Niner Fan

I was thinking about this today. We all want success and pub and respect but a lot of that comes over years of consistent success. We have had that somewhat but we haven’t had HUGE success.

That being said, we are all chomping at the bit for HUGE success. But think about it. If we make a BIG run to the Sweet 16 or better…can we possibly keep Coach Lutz? Wither’s has stepped up huge of late and if we make a big run, he will be a main reason…what if he leaves for the NBA?

We all want success but if we make a BIG run we could possibly get our nice big 15min of fame, lose Coach, lose Curt, move to a weak A-10, and fall off the planet!!!

I know, I know…“The Sky is Falling!”

But really, that is our reality. What do you think?

Simple. Always cheer for your team to win win win. If Lutz and Withers leave because the Niners go the the Elite 8, its okay. There are good recruits, Judy will hire a suitable coach, and things will be allright.

I’d rather win it all and say goodbye to Bobby, than to go one and done every year.

Worries me to death. Both are a possibility, but for some reason, I believe that Judy and Co. will come up with the dough to keep Coach. Mens’ BBall is really the only moneymaker for athletics at our school, and if Lutz leaves, the dropoff will resonate for years to come.

My opinion…

Unless a school has the basketball legacy of UNC-CH, Duke, Kansas, UCLA, or Indiana, someone will always feel that a team’s coach can do better than his current school.

ANY PLAYER, from any school, that generates on-court publicity in March, will be rumored for the NBA.

How does one determine what is a good/bad conference? It’s been shoved down my throat for months that the ACC has the greatest collection of college teams in the PAST, PRESENT & FUTURE of the world. As far as I’m concerned, Wake & UNC-CH are above average teams…the rest are no better than anywhere else in D-1 basketball. Further, how does this year in the A10 translate into what next season will be?

If previous years are a baromoter of the future, why is NC State so much worse this year than last year?

Any other questions? Afterall, you did ask what I think? :smiley:

Lutz is the man. He is doing a great job and can stay forever. If he leaves hire Mike Anderson at UAB. He can be the man.

if this were a normal season with no conference change i could understand lutz leaving after a final four run. But with the conference change and the uncertianty if lutz left this year he would be screwing the program big time. I really don’t think he will leave this year. but changing conferences and him leaving in the same year would almost be a death sentence to the program and would set it back 10 years.

We will be fine if Bobby leaves.

Mullins rebuilt this program and Melvin and Bobby have continued to build it into an attractive coaching job. There will be plenty of quality coaches wanting this position and we would also be looking at a nice buyout from whoever would lure him away.

Even a program like Kansas isn’t immune from having a coach taken away so we shouldn’t be too upset. We will recover and continue to grow either way.

on a side note, the notion that roy williams could be in the college hof makes clt laugh. roy hasn’t won crap. he is a girly man who cannot win the big game. which makes him perfect where he is. f the heels.

I wouldn’t blame Lutz one bit for leaving and going to State. We aren’t the premire job in the country and our fan support, though improving, still isn’t great. In agreement with Pi (it’s a miracle), we will survive without Bobby. If Bobby get’s us to the sweet 16 this year and then leaves, we can say he definently left the program better off then when he arrived. I don’t want Bobby to leave but I certainly wouldn’t fault him if he did and I would support him wherever he goes, as long as he isn’t playing us of course.