The end of the 2015-2016 season

Yes, based on how the season ended compared to how I thought the season would go after watching the first few games of the season. The off-season was really a dismantling of the team so all things considered I’m surprised we matched the win total from last year.

“Next year is our Year”

Yes, we really righted the ship after a pretty terrible start. Foundation has been set, now it’s time to build up.

First time in years we saw a young team improve as the year went on. Big Joe alone was worth the price of admission most nights.

This. So much this.

clt says other than losing to campbell and davidson, it was successful.

Now Coach Price needs to work his magic…hopefully (and respectfully) 2 guys move on and we get 2 more playa’s.

I am optimistic about the future.The stench of the “Major years” has begun to dissipate.

Never in a million years would I have said 14-19 is a success… But inheriting a nearly empty cupboard and a brutal 1-9 start changed my grading scale. I’m really upbeat about the direction we are headed in.

Looking back it’s really sad Bernard Sullivan had to retire. To be honest if he could of stayed healthy I think we could have been even more competitive in conference play. Having some one with his 6’8ish height and athleticism would have been huge last night guarding Upshaw. Sullivan was also like our second leading scorer and rebounder when he went down. Hell, we could’ve possibly won the conference tournament with him.

That’s a good point, losing Sullivan was a big blow to an already thin post.

I am mixed, so I don’t think I’ll vote. I like the improvements on offense and can see that the team plays together well on that end. I still think the defense was poor through much of the season, and did not improve at nearly the rate the offense did. It was better than at the start of the season, but that’s not saying much considering how badly the team looked on D early on and how bad our competition was in conference later in the season. The coaches often did a good job adjusting to what other teams were doing, but we had a lot of games that started really slow and dug ourselves an unnecessary hole. Price also could probably have called a few more timeouts to stem momentum shifts. We finished multiple games with timeouts in hand despite some big runs by the other team.

It’s definitely too early for real judgments, particularly with the limited players in the post. Uchebo was an awesome rebounder and for much of the season an unstoppable post scorer, but he was just not good at defending the rim, which probably explains partly why we rotated down so often, leaving guys wide open from 3. Even so, I want to see some defensive improvement before I get excited about next year. With the limitations we’ll have in the post again most likely (barring surefire recruits, freshman or otherwise), next year could be another struggle unless the perimeter guys really step it up (possible, since they’re freshmen).

Fair assessment. As I’ve said before,anything less than top 25% in Conference next year would disappoint me.I still think it’ll take 2 more good recruiting classes to be a top 50-70 team.And that’s on Price.But he’s such a breath of fresh air compared to Major i’m cautiously optimistic.

If you look at our improved play from beginning of year to end…I believe he deserves a lot of credit.Let’s see what the signing period/transfers brings.

Satisfied??? No, but happy to see us grow as a team. 1st time in many years that the team didn’t regress through the season.

Satisfied is not necessarily the term I’d use, but I said yes I was. I’m very hopeful! This is a very young team and with more depth coming from transfers and recruiting I believe Charlotte will continue to rise in year 2 under Price.