The EV news thread πŸ”Œ

clt recommends flying over driving 2.5 hours+

Thanks for shitting all over my hopes and dreams. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I was recently interviewed by Consumer Reports about Tesla opening up their superchargers to non-teslas. Check it out! And sorry I wasn’t wearing any Niner gear!


clt says Patagonia hat is a 49er win, the CEO went to Charlotte.

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  • Ford Motor said Thursday its electric vehicle business lost $2.1 billion in 2022 on an operating basis.

  • That loss was more than offset by $10 billion in operating profit between its internal combustion and fleet businesses

Part of that is the thousands of trucks they have assembled just waiting on chips. I saw lots and lots full of them in Michigan. Hard to make money when you can’t sell the product. Also a ton of first time R&D costs as they start to build them.

I’m not an EV bro by any means but Ford is smart building that business out and running both sides of the business.

Yes. The chip issue has also affected gas and diesel vehicles too. A friend had to wait forever to take home his F250 last summer. He said the lot was full of 150’s and 250’s that were sold but not delivered because of missing chips, something to that end. Economy wasted

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Suggesting that Covid and supply chain issues have anything at all to do with their failures in the EV market are just excuses. Other EV producers had the same problems and succeeded. Just because Ford might have been just starting up when all this happened, has no bearing on their results.

If within 4 or at most 5 years, they aren’t the #1 EV producer in the US, then their CEO should be fired and if their board doesn’t agree, they should be fired as well.

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The difference is their product is great - it’s just the delivery of the product to consumers. If our product was great then you would have a good comparison.

I would speculate that most people would never think it’s good or improving, even if others say it is. There will always be the burn gas crowd, until they are finally forced to admit that we can all breath better.