The First World War

The key event of the 20th century. Prove me wrong.

Dropped this here for anyone interested. This also allows that recruiting thread to get back on topic. :laughing:

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Not sure Gavrillo would have done it had he known all the dominoes that would fall

Causes of the Great War explained by Southpark.

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Princip was a nationalist, consequences were not the consideration for his actions, particularly if it harmed AH…doubt a global conflicted ever entered into the calculations (or Russia’s reactions, followed by France ).

I doubt he would have believed you if you told him. None of what happened after the assassination had to happen. Most of Europe didn’t automatically assume was imminent either. Europe’s hotels were full of people on holiday well into July.

(Resisting the urge to derail this thread with WWI discussion :grimacing:)


I served in The Great War. What do you want to know?

I teach the course at the University…what do you want to know about the Great War?

I wrote my Master’s thesis on WWI and teach it as well. Maybe we need a thread in a different forum. :joy::joy::joy:

I can attest to the fact that this is true. He interviewed me for primary source material. Not pleasant at all recounting trench warfare.

Send me a PM…or start an OT thread! WW1 is the best war…if you gotta study war.

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You obviously have not heard of the Great Judy Rose war where the few stood up to tyranny, rallied more to their cause and defeated the Evil overlord?


Last world war 1 post, but the dan Carlin podcast on the Great War is fantastic. Definitely agree that it’s the most fascinating one to study.

Well sir I listened to a WW1 podcast so I probably know more than you /s

Wouldnt you have to be at least 115 years old or so for that to be the case?

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I watched the Great Judy Rose war from a distance, noted the rise of the rebellion and freedom fighters morph into a movement that gathered momentum toward victory…


What’s your point?

Our last WWI vet died a while ago.

Well, I thought it would be obvious I was joking around ,mostly for 49er Alum who actually knows who I am.
I’m really not a day over 103.

I witnessed the effective use of air power during the Rose war at one of our football games.

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