the official "what did Curtis do?" thread

if you know, and would like to kindly inform us all, please do. if you dont wanna say it in a post, count me in as someone who would love to get a PM explaining this mess!

After a night out with the FOX NEWS weather guy, Withers drove back to the dorm and parked in a handicaped parking space and hasnt yet paid his parking ticket.

Are you serious or is this a joke?

naive (nī - ēv)

  1. Lacking worldly experience and understanding, especially:
    1. Simple and guileless; artless: a child with a naive charm
    2. Unsuspecting or credulous.
  2. Showing or characterized by a lack of sophistication and critical judgment.


Withers, allegedly, pointed a blow dryer at Weather Guy Mathis and said ‘Im gonna blow you away.’ This reminded Mathis of his reserve stash which he snorted and began singing “(The sun will come out) Tomorrow.” The act was recorded and will be critiqued in next springs “American Idol 101” Class.


From talking to other players, it’s because of something that happened last season or over the summer. Who knows, though?

I heard he hit Iti over the head with a candle stick in the study…

[i]Originally posted by Jimmyhat49er[/i]@Nov 19 2004, 02:15 PM [b] I heard he hit Iti over the head with a candle stick in the study..... [/b]
Or maybe he was "hitting" Miss Scarlett in the Library?? :)

I think he hit Professor Plum with a wrench in the study. (the act occured in the study).

Of course, what do we know? We’re “clue-less”

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