The same 🍆 debate again

Differing opinions is one thing, constant and I mean constant negativity, and berating any view that is contrary to we suck, fire Ron, hate Judy and we suck, just gets old and tiresome.
You can be constructive without being demeaning.
You can point out areas to improve while still applauding effort and improvement.
The constant “burn it all down” and fire everyone just gets old.

One Niner since ‘86s opinion. Now proceed to make your same points about firing Ron and we suck.
1, 2 ,3 go


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You are an idiot. Enjoy supporting Sanchez on his last year.


Niner1979 ‘s comments are so true and reiterate what a lot of fans are feeling, I for one have thought those 10 or so Ron haters are nothing more than a lashing out of immature frustrations that everybody reads (players included) . If I were Brice , the feeling of fan hatred toward the program would be the tipping point toward leaving. A better solution would have been PM to Hill for your concerns rather than beating that dead horse over and over. There are more tactful ways to have your voices heard than alienating the players that wear that CLT across their chest and represent us all. We are all one and to hell with the other universities that do the same bickering as us . I like to think we’re better than that.

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I was always told takes one to know one….

Wow. Ten people here are against Ron? Those you call haters? People write stupid, baseless garbage like this, then get offended when their bullshit is checked. Haters and trolls are words that you use in an attempt to get the slow clap. But there is more than 10. We are legion. There might ge only you 10 Ron supporters clapping at Halton next season.

They aren’t doing either.

This is what happens on message boards. When things are going well it will be positive. Everyone was pretty positive about Ron the first couple of years but things have not gone well the last few years & the negativity has been a slow build to where it is now. If the issues with basketball are not fixed the negativity will transition to apathy & those of you who support Ron will get what you want. Having fans who care enough to be negative about poor performance is much better than fans who don’t care at all.

I don’t read every post, but I have never seen Mac put anyone down on this board who had a differing opinion. I am sure Mac’s goal is to grow this to be the best fan site in the country. Never going to happen when people tell others they are glad they are leaving.

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If we continue on the trajectory Mike hill has us in we won’t have any fans at all soon and certainly nine under 50.

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I totally get all of that, but the hatred gets turned on to the other fans and not the situation. If anyone on here is happy not winning championships then they are not a fan. I personally don’t think Ron is the right coach. He is about a decade late because essentially college free agency has destroyed growing kids from Freshmen to Seniors. That said, I am not going to spit all over someone who wants to give him another year because ultimately that decision is made outside of this group. I am glad Ted has the optimism he has about Ron and next season. Personally, I don’t think we will do well, but even I hope that I am surprised.


Can’t believe we’re beating a dead horse again. This message board is nothing like the P5 meltdowns that you see. Go check the Vandy board after losing 2 baseball games to Tennessee. They are ready to fire Corbin. Two titles and 870 wins……

NNN and the discord are soft compared to what’s out there. Some are letting the AD get to their head. That we should support a basketball program who has been abysmal the past 15+ years and a football program that was 42-86 prior to Biff. Our AD department has a loser mentality under Hill/Judy .

Back under your bridge troll.

I only found this recently, but it’s great:

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Not defending anyone, just attacking the hater, trolling, cabal that some of you belong to. That do nothing but attack everything Niner Nation, promote miss information, spread negativity and delight in doing so, with no other purpose than to do so and pat yourselves on the back for it.

To those who use the justification that other sites are worse to make your posts acceptable, you are just another sad example of the state of the US today.

The biggest problem on our forum, is that none of you can contain your posts to just the stream under the appropriate topic. Instead you use every thread to post the same, blah, blah, blah, just to further your own agenda, which as far as I can tell is to do nothing more crap on Niner sports.

Nobody cares Ted. You need to recognize

I do agree the personal attacks on each other are not productive or a good thing. But nothing wrong with being negative about the state of the program. It’s to be expected with the last 15 years of fluctuating from mediocrity to just being straight up awful.