The same 🍆 debate again

I just happened to drive down to Columbia with the wife and dog last weekend. I had no idea that Gamecock spring game was going on. But it was and they drew 50K. Students appeared to turn out in big numbers.

I hope there is a good turnout tonight. We will be there. The hiring of Biff is the most exciting thing that has happened with CLT sports in many years. If you are a fan at all, this has got to excite you. I know it will take some longer to get excited. I admit it has drawn me back to the sports programs. I lost interest over the last 10 years or so.

I remember back in the day in 1975-76 and 1976-77, as the Niners were making their runs, many students did not believe. To me, I thought the teams were for real because of their wide win margins although it was against poor teams. But when they faced an occasional tough opponent, they were always in a position to win at the end.

But my point is that many students and the community did not realize how special the team was until they reached the Final Four. By that time, the run was almost over. By the time some got on the band wagon the run was over and many did not get to enjoy it. My message is to embrace this football team. The talent alone shows it is going to be pretty special. Even if they do not meet Biff’s expectations in the first year, they will still be a huge upgrade from the past.

I have been on this message board for about one year. I must say that I have been a bit surprised by the negativity. I don’t go to other teams’ message boards, so I have no reference point. But from what I have read here I guess negativity is okay or expected. Some may say, you left the program for for 10 years so who are you to speak of negativity. But I have also been a fan for 46 years although I did take a leave of absence LOL.

I can understand some of the nagativity regarding the basketball program. But why have some made bold predictions stating the football program will not meet expectations? This is six months before the kickoff. I really don’t get it.

These are kids not pro athletes. Positive reinforcement can have a huge impact. Anyone that has managed anyone knows that people respond better to positive reinforcement. As we enter into the next era of CLT sports, positive reinforcement can have an impact as to who stays and who enters the portal. Positive reinforcement can also impact wins and can help to get our athletic programs on the right track or can continue to negatively impact them.

I will tell you that complaining in this message board everyday about the basketball porgram will not necessarily get Sanchez fired. I think Hill will do that when he is ready. He is obviously not going to be influenced by a message board. But is it possible that the message boards had an impct on our two most valuable players hitting the portal? Some will say no, but the truth is we just don’t know. What is the point in continuing to complain about Sanchez day after day, month after month and year after year, when it is obvious that Hill will not be pressured. At some point just give it up and let Hill do his job.

We have been a university for a short period of time compared to most of our competition. And most of the schools that are our age have the same problems as us - money issues, noteriety issues, talent issues, conference issues. However, we have made strides while struggling in the win column.

I know fans want a winner now , but it takes time for young schools. It has taken me decades to understand this.

I do not have .ties to South Carolina. But I know that the university of South Carolina is 222 years old. It has won only 11 national championships and none in a revenue sport. The closest to a revenue sports championship is 2 in baseball and 2 in women’s basketball. Yet, their sports teams have great fan engagement. Their fans are very supportive of their teams and do not seem to bitch much. The fans support their teams very well whether they are winning or losing. I am certain that athletes in general are happier when their fans are less negative. I don’t think constant bitching on message boards crestes the environment necessary in keeping talent in our programs.

I am not saying that it is not okay to complain occasionally, but excessive complaining can lead to athletes being not happy with their experience. I k ow some will state that all other schools fans complain and fans have a right to complain.

But I would say as a long time manager, employees respond positively to a positive work environment with occasional progressive discipline to reinforce ecpectations. I think our student athletes and the coaches are also people, and they also respond better to positive reinforcement.


That was so long that I am sure there were some good points made. Thank you

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I am not being critical of anyone. We all have differing opinions. Some are more outspoken than others. This is just an observation and an opinion. To a degree it is a question. I guess my question is - does on-going and constant negativity positively or negatively affect a struggling program when it is obvious that Hill is not going to make decisions based on a message board?

If it wasn’t for people expressing their opinions on messages boards we probably wouldn’t have a football program.


People who do nothing special should not get any special treatment. Take Ron for instance. Please take Ron

We are all adults , and we all have an opinion. Each person should police themselves. Nobody in this forum, including me, should tell others what to write. I am not doing that. I am simply saying that for me the comments are a bit too negative because Hill is not influenced. Then I am simply asking are the negative comments helping or hurting the program at this point? That is for each individual to decide for themselves. This is the first and only time that I will engage in this debate.

You’ll find there is a group on here that are like male dogs and they think NinerNation is a fire hydrant. One pees on it, then the next runs up to put there mark on it, then the next one comes along and does the same thing, each trying to be the last one to piss on it.

The only surprise is they don’t end up pissing on each other.

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This board is miserable and some of the members make me embarassed that we support the same school. I got on the board to be better kept in the loop because even as a donor and FSL owner, the our PR department leaves something to be desired. The constant bickering and passive aggressiveness ruins what could potentially be a positive thing. There is an overwhelming negativity and delusion about expectations of athletics which is cause of the rift. With that said, I’m deactivating my account. I’d rather be out the loop and enjoy being a fan. :call_me_hand:t3::pick:
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Delusion of expectations? Why, because we want to occasionally make the ncaa tournament and have good coaching? I guess we should just lower the bar. Be happy to have a team. Is that what you want? What, particularly about hoops, should we be positive about?

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There are also some on here that like to be the fire hydrant.
They like getting pissed on…and love it even more when they’re told it’s rain.

Don’t let the door hit you where the good Lord split you.

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You obviously don’t understand that 10 of you doing the same circle jerk bitch fest doesn’t make people with differing opinions feel welcome. A lot of folks have bailed from this place as it seems to be a shell of what it was 5 to 10 years ago. This board obviously contains good information, but it also contains a lot of animosity.


So as a fan base, what should we do, cheer mediocrity, embrace sub par play, continue down the road of athletic obscurity, accept our role as an under achieving athletic program positioned in one of the most fertile recruiting grounds

You may not like how some people channel their frustration with the program, but they have standards that they want to see this program meet, and they have vision for what this program can and should be and I respect that more than I do the people who are just willing to accept our role as an inferior program


No one that spends their time on this board is a part of the problem. We talk about the lack of fan support, but we run the fans off from the only free board specifically catered for our fans. We all get the frustration, but no one wants to come in and see it every 3rd post. It is a drag on people and their hopes for each season. A lot of people spend a lot of time and effort to put this board together only to have a few keyboard beat on folks with a differing view of where they see things. Then they say they are leaving and some think they can’t leave fast enough. Why would you want fans of your favorite team to leave this board?

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Like I stated verbatim

As for hurt feelings being expressed, I don’t give a shit if you leave or stay so long as we are winning meaningful games. You losers who want to come here for comfort when we lose, I got nothing for you


I would appreciate it if the diehards here refrained from constantly making personal attacks against each other. We can disagree without doing that.

Mac put this board together and he’s part of the unhappy group that expects better.

This biggest cure for this affront is for our teams to freaking win. People calling that a delusional expectation should be prepared for fierce disagreement, or walk away like the others dude who I can’t even recall ever him posting anything important

This board is nothjgnncompared to bigger legit programs. Nothing said here even comes close to the things said on other boards.

Kids are taking money these - the byproduct of that is you are now defacto pro athletes and will be treated as such. Don’t perform. - FU. It suck’s but you can’t have it both ways.

With that said I will say we need temper our emotions.

As for spring game today, I was pleased with turnout but as usual Niner Nation failed to show up in the way we could. Not surprising. Forty whiners is a legit name.