2023 49er Football Season 🏈

I’ve never heard of Tuckfest but it doesn’t look like a lot of football fans to me


This…different people.

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I just dont get the Beach Vibe from the Moon Taxi guys.

Tuckfest…that name…dont get me started…

Lady Gaga Art GIF by Apple Music

More like a funeral vibe at a beach burial with the guy in the wifebeater seeming more shovel ready

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Let’s goooo!!! It is GAMEDAY!!! Let’s go NINERS!!!

No negativity today! Save arguments for Monday!

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Offering criticism to the university because they don’t have a football program, and encouraging that university get a football program is different than making comments regarding players or coaches. But if you read my comments, I am not stating that people should not have a voice. I am stating just the opposite. I am simply asking for those that are negative to consider if their comments at this point are hurting or helping the team. If an individual believes that his or her comments are helping then continue to voice your opinion. I am stating that maybe it is a time for us to evaluate our comments. But our negative comments have not affected Hill. Hill made a decisiin on Healey because he knew the time was right not because of any forum. But I think everyone, including me, have a right to voice their opinion. And I believe that next year should be Sanchez’s last year if noticeable improvement is not made. I am not happy with the program just like everyone else.

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We are all adults

Niner 1979. Good points and I am actually excited about football and somewhat about baseball.

But Hoops isn’t good. Inflating a record with a crappy schedule, playing a Y League tourney to get four more wins then losing your best players with no one on the horizon is just bad. Pure and simple.


Let’s please keep this thread on topic folks.


I just watched the Cost of Winning again earlier today. Gonna be strange / interesting to see some of those same kids out on the field today. Especially Clowney. I also forgot how huge Jon Wallace is. 400 lber.

That’s big Jon.


How is attendance at the spring practice game?

It sucks, but the play and atmosphere do not. As for hurt feelings being expressed, I don’t give a shit if you leave or stay so long as we are winning meaningful games. You losers who want to come here for comfort when we lose, I got nothing for you

Hey there, Stone Handy just body slammed Norm on the sideline. The message? Even Norm needs to toughen up.

I thought it was good, 3-4k if Im estimating and very festive tailgating atmosphere.

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Biff walked into tailgate smoking a cigar with an F U persona

Love it!