The same debate again

Not sure exactly what you’re getting at with this. But I’d say dunking was about all Iti could do. Iti’s main issues were that he was over hyped and not 7’ tall as advertised. He could have continued to contribute to the team, just not to the capacity that was anticipated. If he had stayed all 4 years, he might have become our career leader in blocks and FG%…

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I don’t remember him ever dunking on anyone. I remember the hype then being disappointed

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Better than I remembered, but we had higher expectations back then. I read that he was Charlotte’s highest ranked recruit ever signed? Averaged less than 6 points a game and under 5 rebounds a game in his 2 seasons at Charlotte. I credit Lutz getting that much production. I stand corrected on the Iti dunks, no matter how I remember being disappointed.

So JY improved on his own to become an all conference player and P5 starter, without any imput or assistance or guidance from our coaches, but you credit Bobby with being able to manage getting 6 points a game out of our highest ranked (although that was an absolute farce) recruit ever?

Itis handler messed up his entire career.


You are right Ted. Bobby sucked and Ron is the best thing Charlotte basketball has ever, and will ever have. Happy? Know that you are the white buffalo here

Didn’t say that at all, just pointing out the different standards applied.

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Bobby had won conference tournament games and NCAA games. If Ron could do some of that I bet we would stop complaining.

The different standard is Ron can’t win and he’s still here. Bobby just won less and he was gone.

Count on it, but you cannot count on Ron Sanchez

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I agree, but Bobby started out with a team that was already doing that, Ron didn’t. It has been a longer climb back up than I like, but he has faced a bigger challenge.

As for the conf tourny, have we been favored in any game so far? I would guess if we face FAU or Memphis in the 1st round, then that will be another 1 & done.

Do we know yet how the conference tourney will be structured this year? Do some teams get byes or does everyone play day 1?

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Jahmir was a “high major” player when he got here

Jahmir young was extremely talented from the first time he stepped on the floor for Charlotte. He scored 16 points in his very first game here.

Ron didn’t take him from dud to stud. He was a stud from the start.

His 3 point shooting actually declined over his time here. His turnovers went up, and his steals declined.
His overall FG percentage did improve, but the only significant jump we saw in jahmirs numbers in his time here was FT %, which is typically something players improve by practicing on their own.

Jahmir isn’t the best example of a coach building up a player. Brice would have been a better example. He wasn’t great his freshman year, but was damn good last year. I think Ron utilized him poorly, but it would be unfair to say he had nothing to do with his development.


clt says it will be interesting to see if aly and brice see an impact from a new trainer

Umm. …if you are not favored in any conference tournament games… means you had a shitty season/ record and a bad seeding.

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Yeah, some how he was rated #1 on ESPN. He wasn’t ranked nearly as high on the other recruiting services. That rating certainly affected fan expectations.

He was the second rated post player…behind LeBron

FWIW, Jahmir had offers from us, Hofstra, La Salle, and ODU. Had zero interest from his dream school in College Park.