They are.....


I love those guys.


Ha. Yeah, they are. I love em’ too. Diener really is a good point guard.

[i]Originally posted by Sideshow[/i]@Feb 17 2005, 08:18 PM [b] Ha. Yeah, they are. I love em' too. Diener really is a good point guard. [/b]
TD isn't playing so well tonight. I hate him because he's an arrogant prick, but I hope Marquette wins.

I don’t know. He seems to be holding his composure pretty well with all the tustles with Myles. And he has like 10 assists already.

Jackson had to have taken the worst foul shot I’ve ever seen.

They are… CHOKING! 11-0 run by U of L.

A 0-14 chokefest, Garcia may have just gotten C-USA POY with that shot, everyone got to see it on national television.

14-0 run?? Come on!

There’s a reason Marquette is 9th in the CUSA standings… and the 0-14 run is why.

Was that drought longer than our 6:41 at ECU?

It might have been but what about the nearly 8 minutes last night we went without a fg. That same theme is worrisome for a team that insists on outscoring opponents.

Just another indication that we have a great shot at beating Louisville. I’m kind of glad that they won because I want us to beat them for sole possession of first place and a regular season CUSA title. They’re a great team but they always start coming off the tracks a little bit this late in the season. We can most certainly beat them at Freedom and personally, I think we will. We just can’t slip up before then with Louisville winning last night.

I like Deiner. Scrawny little white guy that ain’t afraid of the big bad brothers from UL. He didn’t play well but he didn’t back down or look intimidated.

[i]Originally posted by austinniner[/i]@Feb 17 2005, 11:21 PM [b] Was that drought longer than our 6:41 at ECU? [/b]
Not quite... I looked on SportsCenter, and Novak hit the three to put them up 61-50 with 5:38 on the clock.