Things you didn't know about Davidson

Kaneisha Gaston graduated from Davidson today. She is the first African-American from the town of Davidson to do that in the 176 year history of the school. Her ancestors helped build the college as slaves.

[size=3][font=arial]Being constantly surrounded by mostly white people at college was an adjustment for Gaston. “I’ve never had to answer questions about my hair before,” she said. Some students told her they’d never interacted with black people before meeting her. She recalled thinking, “This is crazy right now, and I’m just down the street from my house.”[/font]
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[size=1em]I knew the Duke Foundation gave them a lot of money, but I didn’t know it was the David Duke foundation.[/size]

Is… is this a article serious? This is like something I’d expect out of The Onion.

Never interacted with black people before college? :o

Absolutely ridiculous. Did those students come from Mars, or just a VERY/EXCLUSIVELY white-people planet, from a galaxy, far, far, away? ::slight_smile: