This is embarassing ...

This is what I’m talking about …

Dear God.

So, is there are car like that(Charlotte paint job) that races in real races?

[i]Originally posted by pcon[/i]@Oct 28 2004, 03:31 PM [b] So, is there are car like that(Charlotte paint job) that races in real races? [/b]
not in any pro circuits. the engineering department does field a few different types of cars for various collegiate competitions.

We do offer a concentration in Motorsports Engineering…

Link: Motorsports Engineering


The Department of Mechanical Engineering and Engineering Science oversees a student team competing in events sanctioned by the Intercollegiate Auto Racing Association (ICARA). This is an extra-curricular activity and participation on this team is open to students in the College of Engineering. Conference eligibility requirements are available from the ICARA conference organization and can be obtained by contacting the Dean’s office. UNC Charlotte team members must apply to participate and are reviewed by the faculty advisors prior to selection. The student team competes against other universities in auto racing events using a Legends car on several tracks in the southeast. The team includes drivers, crew, team captain or crew chief, and business managers. Team member responsibilities are set and supervised by the faculty advisor and team captain.[/b]

There is certainly a race car in that banner. BTW, I do know the school has sponsored a car before, but can’t seem to find any pictures of it on the 'net.


Where’s cltniners when you need him? He’s the authority on Motorsports here.

Not only do we field cars in this series, we won the National Championship for like 4 years in a row in the late '90’s and early '00’s.

Didn’t Metro or someone post a picture of one of the cars on TBR or CUSA-Talk?

Yea, I think so. I believe it was a white legend like car. When and were do the races take place?

Actually, this is more embarrassing…


I took History of Rock and Roll in Rowe Arts (the only time I ever went to that building), and it was respectable. This, however, is pushing it.

What’s next?

CULT 3342: “Britney Spears: Real or Fake?”

[b]The show can be a springboard for serious discussion about the art of performing music and the craft of critiquing it, he said[/b]

Serious discussion about the art of performing music??? Give me a break, they might as well talk about Ashley Simpson too.

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[i]Originally posted by KissMyAxe[/i]@Oct 29 2004, 07:28 AM [b] Actually, this is more embarrassing......

Idol [/b]

It might be embarrassing, but when we get to the point that there are actually courses like that, it shows that our university has gotten big.