this is what I expected

We came out flat(coaching)…that said,Curtis,tho he still is having a lot of trouble shooting,is a monster on the boards.Showing lot of heart and hustle. Martin stinks…you can call me a basher,I don’t care…the guy stinks! Another RIMSTUFF…he doesn’t get position to rebound,and guys 6’2 are driving on him and putting it up over him. If we play like this vs. a good team and its lights out.Mitchell looks like he’s still not close to 100%.He definitely doesn’t have his shooting confidence,and defenses are laying back off of him. And Plavich needs to play a LITTLE defense,even if he’s not hitting his 30 footers. Cmon guys…let’s put these guys away.

Typical Niner game on the cusp of breaking Top 25