This one really hurts...

Mother F’er. So let’s go over the issues here. We bitch all season about getting ranked and then we go out and lay an egg at shitty ECU!!! Yeah, we can whine all we want about how we’re their “big game” and how loud their crowd was…blah, blah, blah. Fact is, they were 2,000 under capacity and they’re EC freakin’ U. We pretty much guaranteed ourselves a 8-10 seed in the NCAA’s unless we run the table from here on out.

The Cincy game has now become bigger than ever. We must, must win, or we won’t have anything to show for the season except for 2 blown games at home and a win at extremely overrated Marquette who was only ranked b/c of the fact that they were undefeated for a while against terrrible competition…not to mention the fact that they were in the Final 4 two years ago.

We got outrebounded, outplayed, and outcoached. Being a fan of this program hurts constantly for dropped balls like this. Top 25???!!! Top 25???!!! (in Coach Mora voice) We don’t get in even if we beat Cincy next weekend. We now have a week to sit on a really, really bad loss.

The worst thing is, this one will haunt us come tourney time like you wouldn’t believe. Packer, light us up on Monday…we deserve it.

I’m all over the place here, but does anyone in the country get blocked more than Curtis Withers??? I mean, I might be able to swat him a couple of times around the basket.

In summation…“Son of a #$$#$#$#$#$#!!”

Spoken very well.

If you are not bothered by this loss, you haven’t been a fan of this team for more than 3-4 years.

I feel your pain. If you have seen how many times this year Jason Maxiell has undunked the ball. Losses like this drives fans crazy. We just escaped we a victory at ECU and had Louisville beaten. Good Luck for the season, except on FEB.5th.

Sounded like we had this one in hand as Curt took over. It was an ugly game and we didn’t hit shots.

I’M IN AGONY!!! WE CANT LOSE TO ecu!!! I wish we played Cinci tomorrow.

well, one thing that can make up for this loss is a win at st louis… we have never lost against ecu in conference, and we have never won at st louis so if we win there, it will set off this loss

This game is just proof positive on why we are just an average college b-ball team. We win most of the games we should and win maybe a few we shouldn’t, and we have some bad losses along the way. This game is the reason we are not a great team and in the 30-35 range, also known as an 8 or 9 seed, ugh !!

[i]Originally posted by jbpfeen[/i]@Jan 29 2005, 03:03 PM [b] We don't get in even if we beat Cincy next weekend. [/b]
Not that I really care about glamour polls but no, we will not be ranked if we beat Cincy and nor would we deserve to be. Disgusting performance today and I'm ecstatic that our trip to Greenville got canceled. Watching on TV was painful enough.

were not an average bball team. were a very good team who doesnt know how to finish teams off. we dont have the killer instinct. we are a top 25 team its just that our team doenst know it.

I don’t think we’re necessarily top 25, and we weren’t even top 100 today (ECU’s close to 200 in the RPI). I think we’re a good team, but I know we’re not great. We’ve had a lot of close games, and there’s only so many games you can win when you keep it that close. Unless you’re Boston College, who at 17-0 has 11 wins by 10 or fewer points, including eight wins by six or fewer points.