Thoughts on Charlotte vs. Wake

Easy on Splinter. He’s a UNC Greensboro fan if I remember correctly, and a fellow ACC hater.

yeah, easy…my team stinks and we have very little message board activity. i like reading your posts…you guys are serious fans and i just wish my team had the same kind of following. i always like to get a little dialogue going…it makes these boards more fun.

My bad Pork Chop. It’s just that he sounds like another meat head to me.

If we were to play Wake it would be very entertaining. The fact that Wake plays poor defense as well gives us a chance in a game like that. Williams is prone to getting in foul trouble as well, and you just have to hope Paul is having a below par game. It would be an intense game just from the stand point that a bunch of guys from each team know each other very well.

Didn’t the mighty Deacs lose to Fla. state?


[i]Originally posted by Tintin[/i]@Feb 14 2005, 06:55 PM [b] Didn't the mighty Deacs lose to Fla. state?

Tintin [/b]

Yes, those mighty wake forest deacs lost to FL St. and their awesome 120 rpi.

They would beat us 8 out of ten…and 3 of those wins would be by 15 or more. But all it takes is 1 in the tourney.

Wake is a tough team. When I was home for christmas break in Winston I got to go see them play twice and I have watchd them several times on tv. If we met them at the right time in the tournmanet I like our chances. However, in all honesty I don’t want any part of them if we can avoid it because of their guard play which I consider to be a big plus. Chris Paul has trouble with big guards. No offense to Mitch and Plavich but they aren’t “big.”

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[b]QUOTE[/b] (49erpi @ Feb 14 2005, 07:03 PM)
[i]Originally posted by Splinter[/i]@Feb 14 2005, 07:17 PM [b] you guys get ranked and all of a sudden you think you can beat Wake? ok, whatever.

what’s the WalMart factor? [/b]

I didn’t see anyone say they thought it would be easy to beat Wake. Anyone can beat anyone on any given night. I respect Wake very much and their program ( I grew up 10 miles from the school). Skip Prosser has done a tremendous job there. I think it would be a very entertaining game if both teams played and I will admit that I think Wake would win more often then not in a match-up against us but I like our chances under the right settings. I don’t see this game happening for a while. I know Skip has said that he see’s nothing to gain from playing us out of conference and every coach has to do what is best for themselves. GO NINERS!

My point was: Some days you just don’t bring it. Wake didn’t bring it to Florida and we didn’t bring it to Greenville
Fla. State’s rpi is lower than ECU’s because of who they’ve they played, not who they’ve beaten.
Florida State is not a good basketball team. Neither is ECU. We looked past them, as WFU looked past FSU. The results were the same.


Nice research Tintin. Most years I would like our chances with Wake. But unfortunately maybe not this season. We have a good team this year. But as luck would have it, 3 of the top 10 teams in the country are also in NC. I think the National Champion is going to come from Illinois, Wake or UNC-CH. I think we can beat them, but as others have said, maybe only 4 out of 10 times.

No arrogance by the one big Wake fan in my office. She’s a relative of Justin Gray and also knows Withers, so we have some pretty good discussions about hoops.

Also have a colleague whose brother-in-law is an assistant at Providence, but with the way the Friars are playing this year, he and I haven’t spent too much time on that subject. Good - just gives me more airtime to talk about the Niners! :smiley: