Thoughts on Charlotte vs. Wake

I have been talking a lot of shit to Wake fans about the fact that they aren’t that great. Mostly I’ve been responding to Wake peeps blabbing about how good they are…Chris Paul this…Chris Paul that.

Justin Gray wasn’t even the best player at his high school…a #3 for us played at West Charlotte, too. True, Gray left for Oak Hill, but Withers was the star of that team.

I know that Wake matches up well with us, but Mitch may be the only other guy in the country…Felton and Dee Brown honorable mentions…that could keep up with Paul and slow down their attack.

I just don’t see them “kicking our ass by 15-20” like most of the Wake fans that I talk to say. I hope we meet them, I really do. Curtis would turn Levy “the best def. guy in the country” into the stick figure softy that he really is, Basden would lock down on J. Gray, EJ would have to be utilized a little more to sag on Williams, but I think that we can do it.

In summation, Wake…you are now my most hated ACC team. Go back and hire Bob Staak. Chris Paul, pls. leave this year along with Gray…then we win next year hands F’n down.

I think we could beat them…a very close game…but their def. sucks and we could light them up.

Thoughts on the matchup?

When is it? :wacko:

[i]Originally posted by Niner@wake[/i]@Feb 14 2005, 04:30 PM [b] When is it? :wacko: [/b]
Huh? A potential NCAA matchup is all that looms. Wake won't play us. RU a Niner fan or a Wake fan, though?

what do you think? :smiley:

RE: proposed game, who knows, it’d be interesting and well attended.

I don’t know, Carolina is still #1 in my heart.

1 Most hated ACC team that is!!!

uhhh…from what I’ve watched and who they’ve beat…

I think Wake is a pretty good team…probably better than “pretty good.”

Chris Paul is 1st team All America in my books. Dood is as good as advertised.

[i]Originally posted by jbpfeen[/i]@Feb 14 2005, 04:27 PM [b] I have been talking a lot of shit to Wake fans about the fact that they aren't that great. [/b]
So you went to another team's message board and started telling them that they aren't good? I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that your comments weren't well received.

I’d rather talk about a team that we know we’re playing… DePaul maybe?

I havent watched Wake a whole lot this year. My household is split Charlotte/Illinios. We did enjoy the Illini/Deacons game earlier in the year. Although, I think Wake is a very good team.

I get enough ACC from listening to talk radio, tv news and the newspapers so the only ACC games I watch is NCSU because its like watching a train wreck.

No doubt if the Niners were in Miami or VT’s shoes this year we would turn some heads much like them.

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[b]QUOTE[/b] (LutzFan @ Feb 14 2005, 04:36 PM)

I really have ZERO problem with Wake. Top to bottom they have some of the best fans in the ACC. The Wal Mart factor is small. Most Wake fans I know went there.

As for the $hit talking? They have a damn good team and have every right in the world to talk junk. Thier backcourt is flat nasty.

I agree the team is solid…my argument with them is that we wouldn’t lose by 20 pts. to them…

I’ll tell you that if we did play Wake, take the over.

[i]Originally posted by s9er[/i]@Feb 14 2005, 04:52 PM [b] I'll tell you that if we did play Wake, take the over. [/b]
I totally agree there.

That said, Williams would eat up Iti for lunch, spit him out, and still be wanting more. I’ld bet Williams would foul out both Iti and Nance, with their tendancy to get into foul trouble. If our guards were on (mitch drive/ditch, plav hot, and solid solid play by GW), I’ld imagine it would be a very entertaining game to watch, W or L.

[i]Originally posted by s9er[/i]@Feb 14 2005, 04:46 PM [b] Most Wake fans I know went there. [/b]
So to be a fan you have to had gone there? :unsure:

Am I missing something?

you guys get ranked and all of a sudden you think you can beat Wake? ok, whatever.

what’s the WalMart factor?

[i]Originally posted by Splinter[/i]@Feb 14 2005, 06:17 PM [b] you guys get ranked and all of a sudden you think you can beat Wake? ok, whatever.

what’s the WalMart factor? [/b]

Whatever State guy. I said that we wouldn’t lose by 20…learn to read. I think that it would be a better game than State v. Wake…which was close at Wake.

It’s all just food for thought and up for debate anyway…unless things fall in place in the tourney.

sorry, just thought it was strange to see a team that lost to ECU getting looked at as a team that could hang with wake. guess i was wrong to say anything that wasn’t in total agreement with your assessment. i’ll keep that in mind.

Splinter, I don’t even understand why you even come here??

he likes a little agro <_<


Add one more to the “Walmart” factor and you got it. You are one of it. Got it yet or still have more question?