Three Ways Not to Raise Tuition...

Interesting article I found in my hometown fishwrap. I know Charlotte isn’t looking to raise tuition but this guy had some interesting alternatives for the “other schools” that are looking to increase the cost to attend their university.

[URL=–]Three ways not to raise tuition [/URL]

Here is a synopsis:

  1. The Board of Governors should loudly call for repeal of the provision snuck in the state budget a few years ago that gave university booster clubs a windfall by allowing out of state athletes to pay in-state tuition, a move that cost the taxpayers $10 million a year.

  2. The Board of Governors should also call for an end to the non-need based tuition credits paid to private colleges and universities.

  3. Higher education leaders should join the growing chorus of voices calling on lawmakers to raise new revenues as part of a plan to balance the budget

I like those ideas. Good find.