Thursday night, 49er women at Wake Forest

I was posting this primarily as a reminder to the posters in the Triad, but it’s for everyone. The women’s basketball team is playing at Wake Forest (Lawrence Joel Coliseum) on Thursday, November 15 at 7 pm. They won’t be at home until November 21 against Hampton which is the Wednesday before Thanksgiving and on Saturday, November 24 versus Davidson.

It’s a short drive up I-85/52 to the Joel. Come and cheer them on to their first victory of the year. Biscuit and Gill will tell you it’s worth the drive just to see their dance team perform.

HP, they women will be playing at the Joel? Any idea how much will tickets be? I’d love to take my Niece out to watch the Lady Niners

EDIT: tickets will be $6 per person

moss, $6 each and at the Joel, all general admission. Check your PMs.