Ticket Thread

About time to start this up again…

I have two to the ODU game, free to whoever asks first.


Sort of related: I have two tickets and two hospitality passes for Clemson. I’m going to unveil a trivia question in the blog over the weekend to win the ticket. Will pick the winner on day of App game. Be on the look out if interested.

I totally forgot to put that together this year. I wouldn’t mind maintaining this list again like last year. I can compile it tomorrow.

I have my season ticket already, but I’m [SIZE=4][B]ALWAYS[/B][/SIZE] looking to upgrade to one or more seats in the lower level, for any game. Please sticky [I]that[/I] in the back of your mind. . .

And would it be a good idea to also mention where the seats are if you’re offering tickets?

I have two for Sunday against ODU. PM if you want them. I can’t make it but would like to have my tickets used.

This seemed to work well last year. Post here if you need tickets or have tickets to lend for any game this year. I will keep a tab running. If I miss your post just PM me. If you get tickets you are looking for or give ones you don’t need and are the list please let me know so I can remove you from the list.

Post where your tickets are if you can and what kind of payment you would like. Oh and if you want to be contacted by some method other than PM, please specify.

Click on any username I have listed below to send PM.

[COLOR=Silver][b][size=1]11/14/08[/size] UNC Greensboro (8:00 pm)[/B][/COLOR]

[COLOR=Silver][b][size=1]11/16/08[/size] Old Dominion (6:00 pm)[/B][/COLOR]
[COLOR=Silver]Available Tickets: [/COLOR][URL=http://www.ninernation.net/forum/private.php?do=newpm&u=1065][B][COLOR=Silver]CMack124[/B] (2, Free)[/color][/URL]
[COLOR=silver]Available Tickets: [/COLOR][URL=http://www.ninernation.net/forum/private.php?do=newpm&u=1034][B][COLOR=Silver]Switchfoot[/COLOR][/B][COLOR=silver] (2)[/URL][/COLOR]

[COLOR=DarkGreen][b][size=1]11/22/08[/size] Clemson (7:00 pm)[/B][/COLOR]
[COLOR=DarkGreen][I]Keep an eye on [URL=http://gmine.blogspot.com/][U]Utter’s Blog[/U][/URL] for a trivia question with an opportunity to win 2 Clemson tix with hospitality passes[/I][/COLOR]
[color=Red]Need Tickets: [/COLOR][URL=http://www.ninernation.net/forum/private.php?do=newpm&u=2774][B]Cptn213[/B] (1) (cptn319@gmail.com)[/URL]

[COLOR=DarkGreen][b][size=1]12/21/08[/size] Youngstown State (2:00 pm)[/B][/COLOR]
[COLOR=darkgreen]Available Tickets: [/COLOR][URL=http://www.ninernation.net/forum/private.php?do=newpm&u=1034][B]Switchfoot[/B] (2 with halftime hospitality passes)[/URL]

[COLOR=DarkGreen][b][size=1]12/30/08[/size] Long Island (7:30 pm)[/B][/COLOR]

[COLOR=DarkGreen][b][size=1]1/10/08[/size] Tulsa (7:00 pm)[/B][/COLOR]

[COLOR=DarkGreen][b][size=1]1/14/08[/size] LaSalle (7:30 pm)[/B][/COLOR]

[COLOR=DarkGreen][b][size=1]1/21/08[/size] UMass (7:30 pm)[/B][/COLOR]

[COLOR=DarkGreen][b][size=1]1/31/08[/size] Winthrop (7:00 pm)[/B][/COLOR]

[COLOR=DarkGreen][b][size=1]2/05/08[/size] Rhode Island (7:30 pm)[/B][/COLOR]

[COLOR=DarkGreen][b][size=1]2/08/08[/size] Dayton (2:00 pm)[/B][/COLOR]

[COLOR=DarkGreen][b][size=1]2/14/08[/size] George Washington (3:00 pm) [I]*Homecoming[/I][/B][/COLOR]

[COLOR=DarkGreen][b][size=1]2/19/08[/size] Xavier (7:00 pm)[/B][/COLOR]

[COLOR=DarkGreen][b][size=1]2/28/08[/size] Fordham (2:00 pm) [I]*Senior Day[/I][/B][/COLOR]

[COLOR=DarkGreen][b][size=1]3/03/08[/size] Richmond (7:00 pm)[/B][/COLOR]

If anyone ends up with a pair of Clemson tickets they’re not gonna use, I can give em a good home.

I have to go out of town today so I have two tickets for ODU available.

Also looking for two to the Clemson game

Who has the BEST tickets for ODU? :smiley:

Nah but I actually do need two tickets for today… since I wasnt able to get my season’s tickets this Friday… Looks like Ill be working on that on Monday.

Who has the BEST tickets for ODU? :D

Nah but I actually do need two tickets for today… since I wasnt able to get my season’s tickets this Friday… Looks like Ill be working on that on Monday.

My seats are section 221 row I seats 8&9. Do you have a ticket return account? I can transfer the tickets to you. I have to leave within the next hour.

Looks like I missed Hawthorne, if anyone else wants to hook it up, it’d be greatly appreciated. BTW - I do not have a ticket return account.

Contest to win two tickets to Clemson game is now up at my blog: [URL]http://gmine.blogspot.com/[/URL]

If anyone has (1) ticket for the Clemson game on Saturday that you are not using, drop me a line.


FYI, if not already posted:

[QUOTE]Single Game Tickets Available for Charlotte vs. Clemson Game

Limited number of single game tickets now on sale through 49ers Ticket Office for the Charlotte 49ers vs. Clemson Men’s Basketball game on Saturday, Nov. 22.

Nov. 16, 2008

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – The Charlotte 49ers Athletic Ticket Office has made available a limited number of single game tickets for the Charlotte vs. Clemson men’s basketball game on Saturday, November 22nd at 7:00pm in Halton Arena. Phone orders can be placed by calling 704-687-4949 or purchase online at www.Charlotte49ers.com.

A “BLACKOUT” has been declared for this showdown with Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) foe where Charlotte 49ers fans are encouraged to wear black as one massive force for this battle slated to start at 7:00 pm. The official “BLACKOUT” T-shirt is available now for only $14.99 at the UNC Charlotte Bookstore and at the Bookstore kiosk at Halton Arena on game day.[/QUOTE]

Scratch my Clemson request for tix. I’ll be out of town.

I have two clemson tickets.

How many “P”'s are in Clemson?

Hey NN.N
I have two tickets available in 216 if anyone wants them for the game on 12/22 - Youngstown State. I did the upgrade to move down low, so now my regular seats are available… PM me if you want them.