Tie breaker question

Can someone help me out here? Should South Florida lose to the 49ers and Tulane defeat East Carolina in New Orleans tonight all three teams will have 4-12 conference records. One team will finish 13th and be finished for the week. Who gets the 11-12 seeds based on the tie breakers?

Granted, any of these teams are one and done. I was just curious.

With all three teams being 4-12 the tiebreaker would break down like this:

11th seed USF. They are 2-0 vs. ECU and 1-0 vs. Tulane.
12th seed Tulane. They would be 1-0 vs. ECU if they win tonight.
SOL ECU. They would be 0-3 vs. the last two seed.

Thanks. It’s winner take all then between East Carolina and Tulane.