Tim Norris Design

Guys…here is a softball helmet Tim Norris did with his “New Norm” design. He is an amazing talent and is marketing the “New Norm” and the Inaugural Football Game on behalf of the school.

He is available for similar customized items…take advantage of it if you can!!!

www.timnorris.com [font=comic sans ms]www.twitter.com/49ninerman[/font]
[font=comic sans ms]www.facebook.com/oneofonecollectibles [/font]

I am thinking my hard hat needs some help… :smiley:

His hat should be brown.

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looks too classy for a college budget, but that is a legit design

After the softball helmet for my daughter…nearly 9 years later I finally decided to get my own Tim Norris swag. Just arrived today…can’t wait to tailgate with this bad boy!!!


That’s tight son!

Yeah that should be our rebranded Norm