Tonight CBS News

Just saw YOUNG from North Texas will be featured on CBS Nightly news tonight. Isnt that the guy we were exchanging words with?

Why is he going to be on there?

Not sure if it is him but one of their players is like 26 years old, was in legal trouble, kicked off the team, then voted back on by the players. Now, he’s a model citizen according to his coach and the commentators of the Sunbelt championship.

Young is a marine and leader of the team or something.

Is this a niner topic? or a collegiate athletic topic?? just wondering for future reference…thanks…

Kinda. We played North Texas. They will be talking about his role in the games etc etc. Maybe he will mention Charlotte?


Young’s journey takes him from Iraq to NCAA tourney

Norah Jones went to North Texas

Unsure when he will graduate, Young said he might eventually rejoin the service.

“It was demanding physicallly and mentally but it was a good experience for me,” Young said. “It helped me mature, grow into a man.”

Lutz, start recruiting marines

This isn’t the North Texas player who gave us the middle finger…like, 3 times…is it?

He is #13 Forward

I don’t remember who it was. Does he look familiar?

he killed us…he was the dude raining 3s from nba range. 4/4 from 3, he had 16 points…

The guy flippin us off I think was short and skinny