Top 10 pitching seasons since 1969

Verlander 2011 season has not made the top 10 just yet.

Good list, but Pedro should be higher on it. His stats alone should be Top 4, plus take into consideration that he was pitching in the middle of the juiced era and his numbers are all the more astounding. Clemens should have been left off because we know he juiced for his late 90’s stats.

Bob Welch won 27 games in 1990, the most by any pitcher since Carlton’s 1972 season (which Carlton also won 27 games in), and he got left off of the list. Not only left off, but Clemens’ '90 season was included, and Carlton’s '72 season was #1 on the list. A 27-win pitcher, the only one in the last 30 seasons, and he doesn’t make the list. ???

Guidry wasn’t on there?

25-3, 1.74 ERA , 1976 or 7 I think.

List is bullshit

I do not understand the WAR stat, which is what the rankings were based off of.

…what is it good for, absolutely nothin’… ;D

The MVP vote is going to be very interesting this year. The BoSox players have likely fallen out of favor over the past couple of weeks, Granderson has slowed down considerably (my fantasy team does not appreciate this) and it’ll be tough for the actual best player (Bautista) to win on a bad team.

If you go by the best player on a good team theory, I think he has to win because nobody else has earned it. If you go by best player, period then it should be Bautista.

Also, WAR is a stupid stat. Well, maybe not stupid, but not the be-all, end-all for rating baseball players a lot of people want it to be.

[quote=“hootie, post:3, topic:25716”]Guidry wasn’t on there?

25-3, 1.74 ERA , 1976 or 7 I think.

List is bullshit[/quote]

Agree 100%.Without Guidry’s season the list makes little sense.