top 25 prediction

we will be ranked in the top 25 no later than 12/6. mark it down. wins over rutgers, valpo, ala pushes us up the ladder.

possibly sooner if someone ranked low loses a few and we continue to win big?

If we beat bama, that Sc game has really hurt my confidence in that, which is unfair becouse we don’t know the details. A 3 pt win scares me, last year we won by 40, and we are much better now.

For all we know, Bobby could have thrown the freshman guards to the wolves since it was a closed door session designed to benefit both teams. From the Blue Ribbon writeup on USC, it sounds like they play a 40 minutes of Hell kind of defense, which would be good practice for all of the point guards.

I’m not surprised by the outcome, in retrospect. Last year, Odom was trying to play a bigger team (Niners) straight up, and got destroyed. He changed his defensive philosophy based on that game. Afterwards, he played everybody the way UAB played us, and see how much trouble they gave us with a small, quick lineup.

I would imagine that they worked hard to deny the ball to Iti, Withers & Drayton. I’d bet that none of those three had good games, and I bet Mitch & Lee were pressured and never allowed to run free like Pfeiffer let them. I bet they had bad games. In fact, I’d bet that we reverted to our traditional half court offense and gave the ball a lot to Brendan & some to Eddie. Since we won, I’m betting they both had good games, especially Plav.

But that’s all just speculation. B)

i would think in a closed door scrimmage a W is the last thing lutz is concerned about. game situations against quality competion is hard to duplicate in practice. in many cases coaches agree on which defenses and offenses they run. certainly, substitutions would not be made as if a game was on the line. throw the scrimmage results out the window, it means nothing and indicates nothing except to the coaching staff. i’ll stick to my prediction.

I wouldn’t put any stock in a scrimmage. Both teams were experimenting I’m sure.