top 25

i just got home, and i turned on the tv to espn to see if they had any replays on sportscenter. turns out they didn’t, but watching the bottom line and seeing the score #23 - Charlotte 66 DePaul 62 and actually being ranked for once is one of the best feelings in the world. I believe last time we were in the top 25 was in 1996, and i was a little kid then - so this is the first time i’ve ever seen charlotte ranked. GO NINERS! also, on a completely different note - this year at the “big dance” - i’m going to make it to the games if they’re close - but if we make it to the sweet 16 - which i hope we will, i’ll be turning 16 on that friday… i just thought that’d be awesome to make the sweet 16 when i turn “sweet 16”

It was 97-98 when we were last ranked…

It’s good for the school. It’s free pub!