trailer for my first student film click on ‘projects’

Feedback appreciated. Does it look like something you’d be interested in seeing? Thanks.

By the way, that’s Tom Bailey, former Libertarian candidate for U.S. Senate, in the starring role. At least now you know what he looks like. Since he was barred from the televised debate with Burr and Bowles you’ve probably never seen him.

Sideshow… I tried to watch it, but it won’t work on my computer. It appears to load fine w/ quicktime but when it plays the screen just stays white.

same for me

It’s a large file (9 or 10 mb) so unless you have a broadband connection it will probably just stare at you for a while.

If you’re on a broadband connection but it still won’t work, try getting the latest free download of Quicktime from

Let me know if any of that works. If it’s another problem I’ll try to get it fixed with my web guru

when i clicked on the link it had me automatically update my quicktime. even after the update (assuming that was successful because windows xp sp2 likes to block those out) it was just a white screen.

Yes, I have broadband and the newest quicktime. Still not working.

Interesting. I’ve not encountered that problem. What internet browser are you using? Maybe you have a pop-up filter on or soemthing that prevents movie files from streaming?

IE 6… Service Pack 2. Quicktime v6.3. I have a firewall installed, but even if I turn it off the movie still won’t play. It may be easier to just host the file and let people do a save target as.

IE 6.0. The only pop-up blocker I have is the one that comes built into SP2, but it doesn’t appear to be blocking anything on your page.