Tre Bly 3* Verbal 2019


Son of Dre, UCF and Nebraska have offered. Big time get for the program.


clt says this is a nice pickup. Beating the national champs in recruiting is a win


Nice get, hopefully it sticks.


On paper this looks close to awesome. Yes hope it sticks.


clt says he is rather small


Two words: Steve Smith


Hopefully the new coach can convince him to stick.


maybe his size will keep P5 schools away


If Nebraska and UCF have offered then it’s a near certainty other P5s will come after him. The fact that he’s given us a verbal this early is a good sign, and remember we have an early signing period now too. I’ll keep my fingers crossed because this is the type of player we need staying home.


clt hopes we lock him down and he grows


It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog. (I just made that up.)


If he signs, will he stay once Lambert is fired? I would assume Hill could bring in an exciting hire to help keep any good ones here.


If Lambert leaves or not, he will still get considerable playing time in an FBS conference. Hoping that is his priority.


Hopefully that combined with staying home.