Trey Porter - transferring from ODU

Big man looking for a home.
He’d look awful good in green for a year in Sanchez’s defense.

Is he homeless? Any more info you have on this kid?

Yea he would be the best big guy we have inside next year.

Guys do you seriously think he would be interested in transferring to one of the worst teams in his league? Yes Coach Sanchez is gonna put us back on the map. This just wouldn’t make any sense in the college basketball landscape. He is clearly looking to go P5

“Formerly” one of the worst teams ! FAITH.

I would bet 2 things, 1) He’s restricted from transferring inside the conference and 2) he’s looking to go P5

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You can’t restrict a grad transfer.

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This makes a lot of sense, good point

Porter is pretty solid. I could see him attracting a lot of HM interest.

Lots of talent, horrible attitude.

Read in the article about the new grad transfer QB from Miami that they had blocked him from going to any ACC school or any school on their non-conference schedule for the next two years.

He had 2 years left, thats why.

Good piece in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette from May 2017 when Pitt initially prohibited Cam Johnson from transferring to Chapel Hill. Points out that some conferences don’t restrict intra-conference movement, while others prohibit it all together. Not sure what C-USA policy is on grad transfers, though 2017-18 UTEP hoopster Keith Frazier transferred from North Texas after spending first three seasons at SMU.

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