Triad Alumni Event- Insight from Bobby

A few items you may find interesting.

  1. Kummer is back! Bobby announced tonight that Bobby Kummer will be rejoining the staff following Dee Tolliver’s departure.

  2. Cincy won’t be able to schedule us for two years…Bobby is hopeful that they can after that.

  3. Louisville…doubtful we will play them after this year. Marquette has not expressed serious interest. DePaul may be one team that we still schedule from C-USA.

  4. Duke matchup in new Charlotte Coliseum has not seriously been discussed.

  5. Creighton and S. Illinois did not want home and away series with the Niners.

  6. Marcus Bennett should play for Niners next year and only next year.

  7. Iti’s hook is good from 6-8 feet out.

  8. Defense is the one concern Bobby’s had from early practice.

  9. Plavich shot 19-31 in Canada, inside shooting wasn’t that great.

  10. Bobby stated there weren’t too many teams he’d schedule a 2 for 1 with.

  11. Recruiting to be refocused from Mid-west to Northeast with move to A-10

  12. Johnny Damien will reverse the curse and let Niner Mike get sleep tonight.

  13. Bobby will get a fake id so he can vote for Richard Durham for judge.

I’m sure there are a few more items I’m missing so please add if you were in attendance.

Nice summary…apparently there were some good questions asked at the event. Thanks for the info!

[b]Creighton and S. Illinois did not want home and away series with the Niners.[/b]
I wonder why that is. Do they think they deserve a 2 for 1? So much for the theory "their SOS is bad because nobody wants to play them".

Bobby said he had talked with Doug Elgin, the Missouri Valley Conference commissioner yesterday afternoon, who was complaining the the 49ers wouldn’t play teams in the MVC. He politely told him to contact Creighton and SIU for the story, that they both had turned him down for games, even going to Creighton for the first game of a series.

Southern Illinois has a new coach, so that might be the reason that the Salukis don’t won’t to continue the series. Surprised about Creighton, though. Always thought that would be a good match-up with a top mid-major program. Hmmm…

Is that kinda like the Triads from Lethal Weapon?

[i]Originally posted by UABHecklerIsBack[/i]@Oct 22 2004, 02:25 PM [b] Is that kinda like the Triads from Lethal Weapon? [/b]
Guess I need to go back and watch LW again for that one. Anyway, the Triad is the Greensboro - High Point - Winston-Salem metro area of North Carolina. And, just in case you wanted to know this one as well, the Triangle refers to the Chapel Hill - Durham - Raleigh (as in the Research Triangle) metro area of the Old North State.