TV for X?

I won’t be able to make the game today. What is CBS regional? Is that on Dish or anything?


Fox Sports Ohio I think.

Anyone know if channelsurfing will have ti as well?

CBS Regional Can be picked up by other networks for example FSN Ohio…If you have comcast it is going to be on CSS

Will Picasso’s being showing the game?

Channel 642 on DirecTV if you have it. I have no idea what the network “actually” is.

looks like its been added to channelsurfing

We’ve gotta do something about this TV situation. It shouldn’t be too difficult, after all, we got 49er Football put in place.

This would take replacing the A-10 front office. Although rolling Bruno in a barrel down a hill sounds like it has some gratification.

TV contract is up after next season. We have a new commissioner, the league has been trending up lately, and there are more options now than there were a few years ago so there is hope for a better TV situation in the future.

Do you know if it will be spot beemed to only certain areas? I.e., will it be blacked out on the west coast?

On DirecTV 642 (Comcast Sports Net), 660 (Fox Sports Ohio) and 661 (Fox Sports Cincinnati)

This is bull, I cant find it on dish, its blacked out or something and neither can I find it on channelsurfing.