Tyrek Coger - 2016 JUCO C - verbal to OK State

6’8 245lbs center, Coger originally committed to Mizzou, but has reopened. Runs with CP3 on the travel circuit and plays HS ball at Upper Room Christian Academy.

Rivals - no stars

Scout - 2 stars

ESPN - 82 rating, 2 stars

[size=78%]Strengths:[/size] Tyrek has excellent feet and great hands which allows him to finish inside against player much older and more physical than himself. He has a soft touch around the bucket and can fill the lanes on the break, scoring all the way to the bucket or dropping a short foul line jumper on the secondary.

A willing runner but needs stamina to keep beating his opponents down the floor for transition baskets. Defensively he blocks out to rebound while blocking shots to protect the rim. An average basketball athlete who needs to tone up his body as time goes on but an inside threat on every possession.

Bottom Line:
We’re hoping that he can regroup and rediscover his game. He hasn’t been able to be consistent with his efforts and must develop a finishing stroke. Flasshes of it in him but to be this level (HM) he’s got to grind it out and crank up the motor.

Welp, long road here. Coger committed to Mizzou once in HS, went JUCO, was an Ole Miss signee but due to an SEC rule he can’t attend and appeal was not granted.

6’8 PF/C from Cape Fear CC, same JUCO as Van Hook. Their paths don’t appear to have crossed. I clearly didn’t read all the article.

Seems like Coger did spend time with QJ and Sasser at WoG during their HS days.


He’s narrowed his list to Cincinnati, Rutgers, Oklahoma State, Kansas State and Charlotte, the coach said.


He knows Vanhook. Teammates for a year as Coger sat out. Hope Vanhook is a good recruiter, cause we need a ready big guy.

From link above:

Mantlo’s concerns seem far in the past now. Coger was a valuable addition to practice last season, staging some epic battles in the post with star forward Anthony Vanhook, now at Charlotte.


Rutgers is out. We are one of 3 he is considering. Last visit.

Last visit is big, let’s hope we can lock him up.

I think we land him. Have a huge need and can almost guarantee lots of minutes if he is even just a decent player.


It appears he also played at QEA in Winston for a brief period before Word of God, but I think it was before Andrien White played there.

for any of you that have twitter, please get on there and let coger know that we want him and how serious we are about basketball. osu and ksu fans already have.

I think that may actually be a recruiting violation. I’m too lazy to look it up.

I think that may actually be a recruiting violation. I’m too lazy to look it up.[/quote]

other schools fans were doing it. i thought it might be a violation but didnt want to make it seem like their fans care more than ours do.

I think that may actually be a recruiting violation. I’m too lazy to look it up.[/quote]if you are a booster, yup.

Good god man are you trying to get us in trouble???

FWIW, Coger is currently on his visit to OK State.

clt says OK

Wanted to play at as big of a school as possible is only explanation I have.

RIP to Tyrek Coger, collapsed during workouts today and passed away.

RIP to Tyerk Coger…my heart hurts for him and his family.

Way too young. This seems to happen far too often than it should.

Thoughts and prayers for his family.

That is tragic. Too young with too bright a future. Very sad news.

Interning with a girl that’s part of the OSU Spurs. They work with the OSU athletics department and she had met him last weekend. Her and all the other OSU interns are devastated. I feel so bad for their whole school. RIP Tyrek