UAB AD reducing staff positions

Not all going well down in Birmingham.

Ha. I remember the donations UAB receiving when they restarted football being a substantial source of grief from some posters on this site. Oops.

They have 13 senior associates and Associates. We have probably 9 in that range (titles vary).

They are embarking on new facilities. Article says in fiscal responsibility. Seems they are just over staffed.

Alabama Tuscaloosa has 9 Associates and above, below the athletics director. I’m going with over staffed.

Overstaffed or not, if it happened here people would be freaking out.

Not a good look there…

The #2 there doesn’t make six figures.

I’m not sure about that. If there were a $165 million stadium going up and we were eliminating certain staff this place would look more like a Vince McMahan gif to most.

The City of Birmingham is contributing $90M. There’s definitely an upside to not having any competing pro sports organizations.

clt says we should poach.

I’d rather keep poaching Rust Belt P5 schools.

UAB fans discussing things:

I understand making tough choices, especially in an organization that is over staffed. But the AD there didn’t know that was the situation prior to offering this guy the job and having him leave his current position? That sucks. The AD should fired for being incompetent.

Instead he got a raise.