Uh Huh GUy

He finally pissed me off. In response to one of my posts about tonights loss and some other comments he called us fairweather fans. Here was my reply:

[font=helvetica]Uh-Huh Guy[/font][font=helvetica]Fair Weather Fans… MTSU is probably 30 points better than UNCC… We were beat by a really good team…[/font]

[size=1em][font=lucida grande]NWA: Fair weather?? I have never stood in our salons and cheered Miami for beating Duke just weeks after Miami destroyed us. You flashed a U in there. I have been here since 1991 and will be here for many years. I am a founding member of CFI and a Green Jacket donor. I have no allegiance to this coach nor to our leadership. My only allegiance is to this school. I don’t carry around signs and tshirts announcing who I am. Everything I do and have done, which includes driving an ambulance around to help cultivate spirit in this town is done out of a desire to elevate not myself but the institution. Bonnie Cone taught me that. Do you have a clue who she was? Your self serving act at games is tiresome and you have a lot of guts calling anyone out. So before you spout off about fairweather fans you might want to slow your roll. We were here when we moved from the sunbelt to the metro to cusa and to the A10. We have witnessed this school succeed on a grand scale and expect for us to return to those days. A simple loss to MTSU is one thing, but getting beat soundly at home after double digit losses to other top programs to go along with a 40 point loss to FSU, first ever halton loss to davidson and some of the worst RPI losses in our history attest to the fact that it is time to move on. No matter how good MTSU is we are a bad team, a very bad one. If you had been here 20 years ago and been through all that we have you would understand this. So how about you take your annoying uh huh chant and shove it. The glory of the program is all that matters and it is time for us to start returning to those days. Nearly a decade removed from the NCAAs if our AD leadership does not see that we are on the wrong path then she is as misguided as you are.[/font]



This has been building up for a while now.

The only problem is he will love this attention. Any attention.

Sadly you are correct.

clt provides his response: uh, no.

I blocked uh huh on my Facebook. He isn’t a Uncc fan. He is an attention freak and a character is how it manifests.

I agree

The Uh Huh Guy is a cartoon character so why take what he says seriously? He has the freedom to express himself and you have the freedom to ignor him.

For the most part that us exactly what I do. Just couldn’t do it last night.

For the most part that us exactly what I do. Just couldn’t do it last night.[/quote]

So did he reply to you?

For the most part that us exactly what I do. Just couldn’t do it last night.[/quote]

So did he reply to you?[/quote]

Yes denying the Miami incident but didn’t defend himself against self serving attention seeker crap.

I’ve been done with Uh Huh Guy for awhile. I remember him going to a seat and saying, “Awww, won’t be able to get on TV here.” in a disappointed voice.

I appreciate any Niner fan, but don’t let him fool you. He’s in it for the attention.

His seats are near mine, and he makes it close to unbearable to go to the games. Anyone I take with me to games, think he is completely obnoxious and an idiot. He sheds bad light on our institution…

He is part of the reason I limit myself to 2-3 baseball games a year.

I may be missing something here but I don’t have any issues with him. I don’t know him nor have I ever talked to him. All I know about him is that he is at every game and yes he is a bit obnoxious. Maybe he isn’t the biggest “fan” of the niners at heart, I don’t know, but I do know that it takes a significant commitment to get to all the games he goes to. I went to all FB games this inagural year (home and away) and I believe he was at every one as well. I’m not saying that being there and showing up makes you a megafan but given our current record of success, I am glad to see anyone make that committment. Besides, my 5 year old recognizes him at games so there’s that I guess :slight_smile:
I do know the ones on this thread that are tired of it are dedicated fans and have done good things for the program so not arguing with you. Just giving my $.02.

Now, the product on the court at the moment, that…I have issues with!

Paul is a complicated individual, there’s no doubt about it. I don’t doubt that he supports the Niners, however his schtick is priority one. I really don’t have much trouble tuning him out when I want to.

I don’t know how you do it, I have sat it the section near him for a couple games and it is unfreakingbearble. Maybe he would get more exposure rooting for App St. He should be part of the radio rights deal.

For the most part that us exactly what I do. Just couldn’t do it last night.[/quote]

Yep, he says stupid stuff all the time, and most of the time I can just ignore it. Sometimes you just can’t.

far greater issues around 49ers athletics than the uh-huh guy.

Tuning him out, as someone else suggested, is not that hard.