UNC Charlotte Brand Perception Survey

Received this email today. I’ve transcribed the survey questions (omitting standard demographic Qs).

Dear UNC Charlotte Faculty and Staff,
The past several weeks have been challenging not only for Niner Nation, but for our city, our country and, indeed, the world. As we grapple with a multitude of complexities and seek to find the most positive way forward, UNC Charlotte remains committed to fulfilling its mission to serve as a community resource.
Within our current environment it is more important than ever to ensure the University’s voice is consistent and inspiring. As the fastest-growing institution in the University of North Carolina system and home to nearly 30,000 students, it’s necessary to focus and strengthen the University’s message and brand.
To better understand perceptions about UNC Charlotte, we’ve created a survey to collect the opinions of students and recent alumni. These insights will help shape our communications moving forward and are extremely valuable. We will also be sending the survey to students.
The survey may be accessed [ here ] and should take less than 15 minutes. It will remain open through June 22 . If possible, and for ease, it is recommended to participate on a desktop versus a mobile device. In the midst of this very unique environment, we ask that you focus your responses on broader brand perceptions and opinions of UNC Charlotte.
Thank you in advance for your participation. We appreciate your time and are eager to use your feedback to improve the UNC Charlotte brand.
University Communications


5 point Agree scale: I have a very clear understanding of what the UNC Charlotte brand stands for.

5 point Agree scale: I could clearly articulate to a friend or colleague what the UNC Charlotte brand stands for.

1-7: Rate importance of choosing a university to attend/teach/work

  • financial aid/work study/loans
  • civic impact/community engagement
  • access to quality internship opportunities/career development
  • athletics
  • strength of specific academic programs
  • proximity to a city
  • quality academics
  • opportunities for goibal perspective (i.e. study abroad)
  • quality of the faculty
  • school traditions/spirit
  • school/class size
  • competitiveness of student admissions
  • alumni success
  • location near my home
  • unique academic programs
  • university leadership
  • academic reputation
  • campus safety
  • a focus on diversity and equity
  • amenities (i.e. dining, housing, recreational facilities)
  • good value for the money
  • outcomes for graduates
  • quality of published research
  • research resources
  • beautiful campus

Of all the attributes listed below, for which one would you like UNC Charlotte to be most well-known for:

  • (same attributes as above)
  • other (please specify)

1-7: When compared to other universities, how does UNC Charlotte perform on the following attributes?

  • (same attributes as above)

When talking with your friends or peers, what makes you most proud to work at/attend UNC Charlotte? choose 1:

  • (same attributes as above)

Below are words that can be used to describe the vibe or feeling of a university. Select 3 that best describes UNC Charlotte:

  • open
  • leading
  • successful
  • compassionate
  • down-to-earth
  • genuine
  • tough
  • determined
  • modern
  • charming
  • bold
  • assertive
  • innovative
  • helpful
  • close-knit
  • trustworthy
  • attractive
  • athletic
  • inclusive
  • lively
  • creative
  • visionary
  • curious
  • structured
  • passionate
  • worldly
  • traditional
  • cosmopolitan
  • connected
  • resilient
  • resourceful

1-7: Of the words chosen, how well do you believe UNC Charlotte is known for?

Y/N: Are there any other words you would use to describe the vibe or feeling of UNC Charlotte?

Y/N: Have you ever heard UNC Charlotte described as an “Urban Research University”?

What do you beleive the term “Urban Research University” means?

  • A university that is focused on research related to urban issues
  • A university that is located near an urban center that is focused on research
  • A university with anburban population, focusing on research
  • Not sure
  • Other (please specify)

Y/N/Not Sure: Do you think the idea of UNC Charlotte being an “Urban Research University” differentiates it from other universities within North Carolina?

Y/N/Not Sure: Do you think the idea of UNC Charlotte being an “Urban Research University” differentiates it from other universities nationally?

Y/N/Somewhat: Is the idea of UNC Charlotte being an “Urban Research University” important to you?

In 150 characters or less, what do you wish people knew most about UNC Charlotte?

1-7: How likely are you to recommend UNC Charlotte to your peers as a university to attend/teach/work?

In 150 Characters or less, what do you wish people knew most about UNC Charlotte?


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We are University of Charlotte!!!


clt says this is the first step to name change

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That’s literally what I wrote lol